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By Irina Myriam . 01/07/2020

How to Teach Kids to Embrace Peers with Special Needs

Parents, how do you encourage your child to support and include kids with disabilities?


By Irina Myriam . 12/06/2020

Cerebral Palsy | How Does It Affect Children?

Cerebral palsy is a condition that affects muscle tone and movement. It is identified in about 1 in 323 kids.


By theAsianparent . 19/05/2020

5 Warning Signs of Mental Illness in Kids

Mental illness in children can manifest in several ways. Knowing the signs early on would let you help your child overcome any problems that they may have.


By Irina Myriam . 18/05/2020

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Kids— Signs to Watch Out For

The term 'OCD' is commonly heard. But what do you actually know about this condition?


By Irina Myriam . 04/05/2020

How Much Do You Know About Down Syndrome? Here’s a Fact Sheet

Get informed about one of the most common genetic conditions.


By Irina Myriam . 29/04/2020

What Are Social Stories? | A Teaching Tool for Kids with Autism

Learn about the benefits, and try to write your own.


By Irina Myriam . 29/04/2020

Try This If You’re Struggling to Teach Your Kid

How a token economy can be used to develop skills and desirable behaviours.


By Irina Myriam . 21/04/2020

Using Psychology to Shape Behaviour: Punish, Reward or Remove?

Read about ways to influence your child’s habits, according to operant conditioning.


By Irina Myriam . 16/04/2020

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Tantrum and a Meltdown? | Ask an Expert

Know the red flags and learn tips from a special educational needs teacher.


By . 02/04/2020

Selected Special Needs Centres in Malaysia

Our list of best special needs centre in Malaysia for children dealing with autism, dyslexia, speech delays, ADHD, learning difficulties and developmental delays among others.