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King's International School (Early Years), Seremban

I see a great deal of improvement in my son's ability to read, write and count. Thanks to King's International School

Ms Sivaroshini
Active Special Needs, Shah Alam

My son's journey with Active Special Needs started in Sept 2019 after we transitioned him out from occupational therapy when he was about 8 years old. To begin with, my son's upper body was not strong, so we thought the gym would be a good place to start. Every task is daunting for him because he dislikes new routines since young. His biggest struggle and the hardest was the monkey bar. He can barely hang on to 1 bar, and I wonder how he will ever complete the whole stretch of the monkey bar. It would take him forever. After the COVID lockdown and home gym classes during MCO, Pek Har sent us a surprising video in April 2022 of him completing the whole stretch of the monkey bar with minimal support. As parents, we were floored, we couldn't believe our eyes and were so proud of him. He finally achieved it, and the journey was indeed very long with the perseverance of a committed gym therapist. Closing to 5 years now, my son is still with Pek Har because consistency is the key to achieving results. The gym is a safe space for my son to socialize with other kids of the same age group. We are seeing tremendous growth in him nowadays.

Active Special Needs, Shah Alam

In 2021, I stumbled upon the Active Special Needs FB page and decided to enroll my son, who was five years old then. He was diagnosed with high-functioning autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. Until today, I'm delighted that my decision to enroll him in the gym program was proven right. This is because the program shows great improvement in the aspect of motor skills and recently, he received a silver medal award in the school's track and field competition. Lastly, my heartiest gratitude to Teacher Pek Har for her unwavering support and motivation for the better management of Shakir's growth development.

Pn Shahada
Active Special Needs, Shah Alam

Afiq has taken gymnastics classes for 5 years. I think that gymnastics has helped Afiq in all aspects of his life especially by stimulating the brain and strengthening motor skills. He seems to really enjoy the movement of it. His attention span has really expanded from a few minutes in the beginning to the whole class time now. We will continue with the classes as long as it helps him. He also likes to see all his friends at practice. While he needs a place to learn to run, jump, tumble, swing, balance and climb, but most of all, he needs a place where he feels welcome, and an instructor who believe in him and encourages him to be the best that he can be.

Active Special Needs, Shah Alam

我儿子参与这感统运动已超过一年。在这之前,我有让他去参与过其他的感统运动。这个中心让我最满意的不只是所提供的设施,还有的是教练的专业- 每个星期都会有不同的活动设置。孩子们不但能锻炼身体,最重要的是这些活动能帮助有需要的孩子们锻炼他们的本体觉、前庭觉平衡、手眼协调等等 。通过这个感统运动,我的儿子在多方面发展也已经大有改善及更敏捷了.

Active Special Needs, Shah Alam

我们是偶然情况下看到有家长分享Active Special Needs中心,就想来trial class。芸熙加入到现在已经半年了,我们没有每周来上课,住Gombak来到Shah Alam比较远。半年来收获了勇敢的孩子,不怕生,什么运动器材都敢挑战。时间配合到,费用相对来说是非常合理。中心的老师很有耐心,感谢老师的帮助。目前大致很满意。