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Acacia Montessori, Kota Kemuning

The young mind is like a sponge. From birth to six it works differently to that of an adult. With this theory in mind, I kept wondering and pondering where I could send my bright little girl to for her to get a good holistic learning experience. With some awareness of the Montessori methodology and its benefits, in line with the objectives that I was looking for I thought it would be best to go to a proper facility with such principles in practice. I had to be weary though as there are many centres with Montessori tags attached to it, but its capability and capacity maybe just limited to that tag. I was extremely lucky with the curiosity and intensity of my wife that she managed to come across Acacia Montessori. This kindergarten, we found, lived up to the content, intent and principles of Montessori learning and gives my daughter the holistic learning experience that we were looking for. Right up from Living skills to academics it has all those covered and supported with methods that are practical and interesting for the kids. The teaching crew and staff are also very dedicated, supportive and they know all their kids very well. Even the building had the design incorporated into it. I found it amazing to enter a kindergarten that was constantly calm. Its normal to enter one and be besieged by lots of noise, screaming, high pitch voices and some chaos (coordinated or otherwise) . This place is slightly different in that sense. Its calm, orderly and has its process flow and compliance requirements to both teaching staff and children and all done in ways that is not difficult to anyone. I have also noticed that they have highly motivated teachers, and this can be reflected with the low or no attrition rate in their teaching and support staff. The owner of the centre herself is a firm believer in providing children with the right and strong foundation and knows each and every kid in detail. She is someone who practices what she preachers with the right amount of compassion. You will see that this place carries with it a genuine intent to get children the right platform of basics and not another commercial venture. You will not be chased for your school fees, but you will be reminded if there is a parent child activity submission due.

Father to Athmikha Vaidehi Kuganesh
Acacia Montessori, Kota Kemuning

Our skeptical mind before our first visit to Acacia Montessori in Kota Kemuning has quickly change to being an eye opener from being a play school to a school where they practice freedom within borders. We are very grateful to have made the right decision to choose this authentic Montessori school for our kids after visiting many other schools. We are truly amazed with the principle of Montessori as a way to guide our young kids. More so, we are astonishingly impressed with the founder and teachers who diligently practiced the Montessori principles in their teaching. You can easily see the teachers getting down on kid’s eye level when they talk/listen to kids to make those kids feel safe. Besides, the teaching always involves multiple way of communication with the kids instead of just one way instruction. The teachers spend many hours to observe the kid to understand about the kids more and can guide the kids to work independently. We are at peace of mind when our kids are in school because they could be appreciated for all their good works and learning in such a loving and fun environment. Our kids really love to go to school every day as they enjoyed their work time in school.

Mother of Xing Yu & Xing Feng
Acacia Montessori, Kota Kemuning

Finding Acacia is like a dream come true. Supportive principal, enthusiastic teachers, very patient teacher helpers and a great environment for the kids to learn. Open air, fan oriented & big grass playground.... A place I wanted my girl to have her early childhood education. I was abit skeptical about montessori education, fear that this system cannot get the kids to be ready for standard 1. But I was totally wrong. My girl went into standard 1 with no issue at all. She transit from kindy to P1 smoothly. I highly recommend Acacia to all my friends and families.

Mother to Soon Xue En
Acacia Montessori, Kota Kemuning

During my preschool hunt for my triplets, I didn’t come across one preschool which I have the urge to enroll them until I visited Acacia Montessori. It is truly a Montessori preschool. I am pleased with the way classes were happening. My triplets were learning at their own pace. They loved to go to Acacia Montessori every day. They were filling with laughter, smile, hug, fun and exciting learning at Acacia Montessori. Things that Acacia prepared for students are with a lot of considerations and love, such as the school environment, teaching materials and even the students’ daily food. Teachers are really caring, patient and teaching students with love. I would like to express my appreciation to Acacia Montessori because at Acacia Montessori, my triplets had the greatest preschool education which have positive impact on them. We will be forever grateful. Special thanks to Teacher Fen and Teach Harsha who are super patient and caring.

Mother to Xi Wen, Xi Xuan, Xi Yu
The City Kindergarten, Shah Alam

The city kindergarten is a clean and safe environment for kids to study in. The spacious areas of learning makes studying there comfortable. I have many friends who have sent kids there. Plus the teachers are a fun loving spirited bunch who are well trained on early childhood education. Fees are affordable too!

Naziha Mohamad
The City Kindergarten, Shah Alam

Positive, Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Responsiveness, Value

Aimie Azlin