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Recent Reviews

La Grande Discovery Kids Child Care Centre (Taska La Grande), Mont Kiara

Taska la grande is an excellent start-up for young kids. As. A foreigner I had millions of questions running through my mind how my son would cope, mingle and learn. Surprisingly the results were out of my expectations. He ended up enjoying school, learning alphabets and writing his name while grasping lots of things from school. I get confident whenever I see him interact with his classmates outside confidently.

Super Genius Kids (Tadika Genius Riang), Taman Bukit Desa

I feel my daughter is able to learn lots of knowledge in school. She learn all subjects well. We feel she is well prepared and ready for primary school.

Mrs. Lee
La Grande Discovery Kids Child Care Centre (Taska La Grande), Mont Kiara

Taska La Grande is the best! Both my kids have gone to this nursery and they have loved every single exciting day here. Warm, nurturing teachers, healthy meals, excellent parent-teacher liaise, and an array of sensory, art and language activities for a holistic approach to early childhood education. I highly recommend this nursery to everyone!

Sarah Rahim
Tree Dolphin Childcare Centre, Ara Damansara

I am a Korean mom of 32-month-old boy. I have been sending my boy to Tree dolphin since he was 17 months old. I liked the centre from the beginning for it has large room where there was a good sunlight shining in with many toys and a big slide. I wanted my boy to feel not restricted and just play and run a lot. Until now he loves to run around the play room with all his friends. Also, I appreciate teachers for preparing fresh meals for kids everyday without any processed ingredients or sugary snacks. All my boy eats at the centre are fresh-cooked meals and fruits. Whenever I inform teachers of some notable notes of my boy's condition, teachers always keep those in mind and keep me posted for any issues that day. Most importantly, it makes all my family members laugh whenever my little boy says new words or sings a song he learned from the centre. By looking at him growing, I can feel teachers are taking care of my son with care every day.

Beyond Kids Montessori, USJ Subang Jaya

a very good systematic kindy with reasonable prices. parents can be worry free due to there’s CCTV in all corners. and they will check and concern children everyday. And easier for many busy parents, there’s a lot beside school activities such as swimming, drama, taewando, art class are provided too. Teachers are friendly and my kids love to be here too.

Khor Soon Hoon
Taska Precious Steps, TTDI

My Husband and I are very happy with TPS. Out interaction with the teachers is fantastic. The teachers take a very personal interest in our son and daughter’s well being. More importantly, both my kids love the school and enjoy it alot. Besides academics, we really appreciate the character building program where parent and teacher work hand in hand to foster the right values in our children.

Yoke Khoon