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Recent Reviews

Active Special Needs, Shah Alam

Afiq has taken gymnastics classes for 5 years. I think that gymnastics has helped Afiq in all aspects of his life especially by stimulating the brain and strengthening motor skills. He seems to really enjoy the movement of it. His attention span has really expanded from a few minutes in the beginning to the whole class time now. We will continue with the classes as long as it helps him. He also likes to see all his friends at practice. While he needs a place to learn to run, jump, tumble, swing, balance and climb, but most of all, he needs a place where he feels welcome, and an instructor who believe in him and encourages him to be the best that he can be.

Kidz Cabin, Ukay Heights, Ampang

An excellent place for kids to learn and play.

Hakim Hamzah
Kidz Cabin, Ukay Heights, Ampang

If you are looking for a smaller scale playschool and kindy, with teachers who are very dedicated and always upping their creative side- THIS IS THE KINDY TO BE...

tnazeehah mahmood
Kidz Cabin, Ukay Heights, Ampang

Awesome Kidz Cabin, Great Staff and Principal does a Great Job with the kids. The sports and teachers are great. The kids Loved it.

Mahathevan Subramanium
Kidz Cabin, Ukay Heights, Ampang

Passionate, caring teachers that always prioritize kid's development, never-boring syllabus with a lot of project-based, cross-curriculum activities. Best kindie in the neighborhood!

Nina Stark
Kidz Cabin, Ukay Heights, Ampang

Great place to send the kids for learning. Passionate and hardworking teachers. Attentive to child's progress as well. I love its open space concept so the kids can roam around and not confined to the chair. Kudos to the team!

Lisa Zaharin