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La Grande Discovery Kids Child Care Centre (Taska La Grande), Mont Kiara

Dear Teachers, Thank you for caring for all children everyday. Recently, Rin often speaks English and sings English songs at home, so my husband and me are very surprised!! She is glad to be able to meet all teachers and go to La Grande Discovery Kids Center.

Saki (Rin's Mum)
La Grande Discovery Kids Child Care Centre (Taska La Grande), Mont Kiara

Dear Generous teachers! From the bottom of my heart, hank you so much for taking care of An. By the time she started to go to school, she cried out loud at the entrance. Thought it was our relieve that you all welcomed her with big smiles. Since then, she gradually enjoyed going to your school. Now she is really enjoying and she even refuses to go back home from your school! We, as a parents, really enjoyed seeing her growth and every hand-made gifts she was given after school.

An's Parents
Wonder Minds Preschool, Bangsar

Most people have a misconception that Wonder Minds only caters for babies. So did I initially until I enrolled my 3 year old. Wonder Minds in fact offers a great nursery and preschool program for 3-6 year olds. Their teachers are experienced and dedicated, so they are able to balance play, social-emotional development, motor skills and academic learning perfectly for each student. Highly recommended!

Wong Pik Yee
Apple King Special Education Centre

Louis has been attending Apple King Special Education Centre since August 2020. Before joining the centre, he was reluctant to speak. However, after half a year of studying in Apple King, he became confident and is willing to not only speak but learn too. He used to struggle with two syllable words last year but now, he is able and willing to say up to four syllable words by himself without prompt from his therapist. He can also communicate better after he started learning in Apple King Special Education Centre. I can see that his level of focus has increased too. The therapist at the centre commented in the daily report that he can now sit for a longer period of time during table tasks. Louis used to be very sensitive towards things that are placed on his head, that includes putting on a hat. Hence, it was a struggle for him to put on the headband during the Neurofeedback training. Nevertheless, with the help of the therapist in the centre, through spending much effort in reducing his level of sensitivity and building up his tolerance, he is now able to sit down quietly with the headband on throughout the whole training session without struggle! I can see that Louis really enjoys learning in the centre and he is always looking forward to go to school every day.

Apple King Special Education Centre

When my son, Jensen, 4, was diagnosed with ASD, I was searching for a centre that will provide the right and immediate training for him in view of his near schooling age. I came across Apple King Special Education Centre through a recommendation from a relative. They have seen improvement in their son since attending the neurofeedback training at the centre. I was excited to find out more and met Teacher Michelle at the centre who has provided me in-depth information and confidence that Jensen will benefit from the Early Intervention Program that they run there. The centre is located above a shop lot. Inside, the centre is spacious and clean. The teachers are also very experienced and are very good with the children. After one month, I can definitely see progress in my son especially his vocabulary has expanded, he is able to focus more and answer my questions as compared to before attending the class. I also enjoyed reading his daily comprehensive report of how he is doing in the centre, alongside with photos and videos of the activities he does there. This gives me a good insight into how he is doing in the centre and what is being taught to him as well. In addition, the teachers are always very helpful whenever I have any questions or concerns. To date, I am encouraged to see Jensen continues to improve and is more verbally inclined. He looks forward to attending school everyday. Every morning, after breakfast he will say ‘Go to school mummy!’

HANKidz Leadership Preschool, Bandar Sri Subang (Sunway)

I wanted to tell you I really like the way Teacher Iqa conducts the class and I can tell Ishika is very comfortable with her. I can see even during the online class Ishika is paying attention and able to communicate most of the time without my help. I feel she has a very good connection with all the children and I can tell by the way the children respond all the children love and respect her too.

Sharlini (Mom of Ishika)