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Taska Ceritamu, Kelana Jaya

Dear Ceritamu, First and foremost, we would like to thank the teachers involved with Karlsen for providing him a positive learning environment. We are very supportive of the balanced teaching concept of academic. physical activities and arts and crafts. He really enjoys going to school from Day 1. Although he is unable to complete the full term in school. we can see tremendous growth in him in year 2020 alone, particularly being independent on a few areas. Karlsen also mentioned occasionally that he loves his teachers and friends. We are glad that he is able to spend another year with Taska Ceritamu. Teachers, keep doing what you do best and spread your teaching passion around for more children to enjoy. See you in year 2021!

Kok Soon Weng (Kelven) & Dang Slyvien
Pebbles Child Care Centre, Tanjung Tokong

The principal, teachers and helpers are very friendly and willing to share their experience. I found my girl learnt a lot of new skills from the care center such as table manner, knowing how to express her feeling, tidy her toys after playing and assisting mummy cleaning house. From time to time, principal sharing the kids video for some special occasions in the care center. I can feel my girl is under good care and she is very happy in care center.

Jean Chia
Pebbles Child Care Centre, Tanjung Tokong

Pebbles Child Care Centre, the very first time I heard about this centre is from my sons’ psychologist, Dato Prof Dr See Ching Mey. Till now I am very thankful that she introduced me to this centre and to the owner, Teacher Karean Lim. I met Teacher Karean right after Malaysia first lockdown, which is in early April 2020. I still remembered clearly that time we met on Saturday because we could not enter the centre during weekdays since kids are around. Pebbles has always adhered strictly to SOP till now and is continue doing so. I have two sons and both of them have been going to Pebbles for their very first experience of attending school or centre. My first son is due to enter Pebbles in May but because of first MCO last year was very strict then I can only send my son only in early August. It is my very first experience sending my son to centre and that means I have to let him go without me being around him, and that time I also have that kind of separation feeling with my son, so I was very nervous and didn’t know what to do. I keep asking suggestion from teacher Karean on how should I behave in front of my son when I send him to centre, what should I say to him, teacher Karean is very patient in answering and helping me encountered all my concern and worry. Because of her, I could handle well my very first separation with my son on the very first day. My son used to refuse going to centre for the first few days, but after that he was very happy with the environment, he likes everything there, the teacher, friends, toys, foods. He used to be quite picky in terms of food, but I believe the teacher put in so much effort and patience in the beginning by persuading him to eat by himself and finish the food, and all this habit and skills that he learned from Pebbles for the very first time in his life has been very useful for his daily life in Buddhist Tzu Chi kindergarten now. I am really grateful that Teacher Karean was willing to accept and slot in my son and being very patience to me and my son as we both are new about this experience. I am also grateful that I could still celebrate my son’s 4thbirthday in Pebbles as a reminisce for him. My second son has recently gone to Pebbles also, my second son has been diagnosed with moderate to severe Autism, and he has done one to one therapy for more than one year since February last year. He has been doing well and improving a lot, and I want to send him for inclusion to learn social skills with other peers. Again, I am very grateful and thankful to Teacher Karean for letting my son to be enrolled into Pebbles and give him a chance to learn more skills in the centre. In Pebbles I can rest assure that all the teachers are very dedicated toward every kid, they know so well every kid character and behavior and have a very good understanding in their development. I highly appreciate and respect teacher Karean and all the teachers in Pebbles for their effort in raising and nurturing little kids and their passion in teaching and bringing every little kid into someone who has a good character and well behaved. Jia you Pebbles Child Care Centre!

Ms Stefanie
Pebbles Child Care Centre, Tanjung Tokong

This is our son's 7th year at Pebbles. We are thankful to have found a great place where he can grow and develop. More importantly this has become his second home where he feels cared for , loved and respected. I was searching for a suitable place for my son and his friend's grandma said ' This is the best place for him ! ' . I met up with the Principal , Ms Karean and the rest was history. We are glad to have made the right decision. I personally recommend you to connect with Karean and discuss your child's needs.

James & Dr Kathleen Ong
Pebbles Child Care Centre, Tanjung Tokong

My son loves Pebbles so much. My son has been to so many other country’s daycare but Pebbles is the best centre. All their activity including learning numbers and writing, all the water activities and the crafting and so much more. Pebbles Child Care Centre has event for the children in each occasions and my son creates great memories. The centre also teaches children how to behave politely so my son has naturally behave so polite because of this centre. My son always tells me the food was very delicious each day. Thank you and it’s the best compared to among those countries Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and Italy. Thank you so much!

Ms Fujiwara
Pebbles Child Care Centre, Tanjung Tokong

Most trustable day care with all the experienced teachers. Full of fun activities that kids can learn through playing including all our childhood games etc. The principal herself involved in all the teachings, guidance and operations. Strongly recommended.