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R.E.A.L Kids, Puchong Jaya

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When we walked into R.E.A.L Kids Puchong Jaya, it was as if we had stepped into a little town for children. Colourful flags decorated an airy “town square” (concourse) in the centre of the towering 3-storey building where 350 little “town folks” carry out their daily activities under the care of their two mayors (principals) and more than 30 town councillors (teachers). It was the most impressive preschool we have ever seen!


The senior principal, Ms Janet, smiled at our amazement, “This a purpose-built centre, so we had the luxury of being able to decide what we want in terms of structural design and facilities. We had put in round structures, flowing curves, and spiral staircases to attract the children’s eyes and to stimulate their minds.” Indeed, looking up from the “town square” at the classrooms above and the canopy of trees outside, we had the feeling of endless space to grow and learn.


We also examined R.E.A.L Kids’ wide range of BM, English and Chinese readers that cover common daily activities such as going to the market, taking care of a pet, etc. Ms Jessica, the principal, explained that the books are aimed at experiential learning, using everyday issues or events children can relate to. The school also offers a complete Mandarin programme that builds a solid foundation for children who will be going to Chinese-medium schools later on. In fact, the set-up in this centre is intentionally designed to be similar to a primary school so that the children will be well-prepared when they enter to Primary One.


That said, we realise that the children here enjoy much, much more than just a formal school setting. We visited the Computer Lab, with its ceiling-high glass windows that look out into the greenery outside (to relax their young eyes), and saw children using computer programmes to explore colours and shapes to compose their own designs, and to work on educational activities and games. In the Music Room, we saw tambourines, drums, castanets, maracas, triangles, etc., enough instruments to form a children’s band.


Outside visits are also organised to provide further exposure for the children. The children see how bread is made, how chocolate is produced, and what it means to be working in a factory. There is also a year-end canteen day when each child brings a specified amount of money to buy things from “shops” operated by the teachers. Ms Jessica explained, “This is when we teach them the value of money, and about problem solving and decision-making. When they have a limited budget, they have to calculate and learn decision-making -- whether to buy that nice drink or that cute rubber. Of course, our teachers will be there to guide them.”


With all these extracurricular activities, plus additional facilities, i.e. swimming pool, gym, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, library, Multiple Intelligences Room, and Science Corner, this centre provides everything that a parent could wish for their child’s development.


R.E.A.L Kids - Puchong Jaya

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