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R.E.A.L Kids, SS19 (Subang Jaya)

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R.E.A.L Kids, SS19 (Subang Jaya)
R.E.A.L Kids, SS19 (Subang Jaya)
R.E.A.L Kids, SS19 (Subang Jaya)
R.E.A.L Kids, SS19 (Subang Jaya)


R.E.A.L Kids SS19 Subang was the first R.E.A.L Kids centre to be established back in 1986. Today, the pioneer centre distinguishes itself by offering premium programmes and facilities. These include the MI Studio; which is fully equipped with a stage, projector and sound system that allow for various MI activities such as Speech & Drama to take place.

The centre also houses a mini football pitch. Children thoroughly enjoy playing sports and games on the luscious green turf, while a covered pick-up and drop-off area is also provided for parents’ convenience and children’s safety.





Ms Chris Wong


Programmes Available

R.E.A.L Kids Plus
R.E.A.L Kids Tots

  • Full Programme
  • Half Day Programme
    • English Medium
    • Mandarin Medium
  • Extended Programme
  • Other programmes also available


Operation Hours

Monday - Friday

8.00am - 5.00pm


9.00am - 12.30pm

Sunday & Public Holidays




Swimming Pool
Multiple Intelligences (MI) Room
Playground with Water & Sand Play / Jolly Mural
Music Room

Tots Building
Culinary Area
Wall Art
CCTV / Security Guard
Transportation Contacts Available


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