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7 Things You Must Not Forget Before Starting School

by on 08/01/2018 6478

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It’s that time of the year again. 2017 is ending and 2018 is fast approaching. With the school holidays ending, it’s time to start gearing up the little ones for another year of school. Whether it’s your little one’s first day of school or not, there are definitely a list of things that need to be prepared before your child is ready to start learning. has gathered a simple list to ensure that your child will be ready when the new school term begins.

school uniform for kids

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01.School uniform

One of the most important aspects while helping your little one prepare for the start of school is ensuring that they have the right school uniform. Be it kindergarten or primary school, each school has their own uniforms. As your child is rapidly growing at this point in time as well, it is definitely important to ensure that the uniforms fit your child and is comfortable for them too.

school shoes
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02. School shoes

Another important thing to ensure that your child will be able to focus during school is ensuring that they have the right school shoes. As they spend a lot of time in those shoes, they have to be comfortable, whilst also providing the correct amount of support. This is especially important in order to ensure that your child’s growth and development will not be affected. Their rapid growth during these formative years also makes having the right pair of shoes crucial to prevent feet pinching and discomfort.

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03. School bag

The best way for your child to showcase their personality and interests is through their school bags. Having a good school bag is crucial for your child. Not only does a bag with their favourite cartoon character or design help foster a sense of excitement and eagerness to go to school, it can also help them make friends with other children of similar interests. It is also important to choose the right school bag for your child, be it a trolley bag or a backpack based on the needs of your little one. To find the best school bag for your little one while enjoying the best deals and prices, click here.

water bottle
water bottle
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04. Water Bottle

While at school, it is easy for your little one to get distracted and forget to drink their water. One way to combat this is by giving them a bottle that they would love to use. This could be through various ways, including attractive designs which include their favourite show or character, or even just the mechanism involved while drinking water. One example are bottles with the straw. Many children find it very amusing and entertaining to open up their bottle, which then causes the straw to pop up, allowing them to drink from it. Just by playing with this mechanism, it can help remind them to drink their water as well when you aren’t around to do so. In order to get the perfect water bottle for the best price, click here.

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05. Cutlery

During snack time, especially in many kindergartens, it is required for each child to bring their own cutlery due to hygiene purposes. As most parents know, children can be very picky with their food too. With the right cutlery, it could help encourage your child to eat what has been placed before them. With fun designs and cutlery that are easy to use, it could help encourage your child to try new things just so that they would be able to use their cutlery. To get the best set of cutlery for your little one, click here.

school books

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06. School books

Of course, school is not complete without the accompanying school books. Ensure that your little one has all the necessary books needed before he/she starts school. The book list can be acquired from the respective schools. Some books can even be purchased second hand if it is too costly. Equipped with the right set of books, your child will be as ready as ever for school and the vast trove of knowledge that it has to offer.

pencil box

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07. Stationery and Pencil box

A good pencil box is important in order to keep your child’s belongings safe. As children, they tend to get more easily distracted and can end up losing things easily. By providing them with an interesting pencil box or pencil case, it will be able to constantly capture their attention, which would then help remind them to keep their things in order. By doing so, you can also help foster a sense of tidiness and cleanliness within your child too, as they get to interact with something interesting every time they keep their stationeries within the pencil case. Good stationeries can also make studying more enjoyable for your little one. To find the best pencil box for your child at the best prices, click here.

Once you have all these things ready to go, your child will be fully equipped to attend school. Not only will they be ready, they will also be excited and looking forward to learning all the new knowledge that the school and teachers have to offer. Not only that, from now till the 31st of December 2017, you can enjoy great discounts on schooling products on For more parenting tips and tricks, visit now.