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How to Exercise the Left and Right Side of the Brain | Brain Training

by on 08/05/2020 30316

You might have heard the term ‘brain training’ before.

Brain training involves a series of activities aimed at strengthening your child’s cognitive abilities; i.e. help your kid be better at learning.

Think of it like putting your brain through a workout so it can be sharper and faster, just like how you’d train your body for fitness.

Ready to check out a few activity suggestions for exercising your child’s brain?

Let’s begin!

Left Brain Exercises

The left side of the brain is associated with science and mathematics, logic, linear thinking and language. It also controls the right side of the body.

Below are some ways for your kids to boost their left brain:

1. Read

This actually develops both sides of the brain (left and right). Bring out those story books and read together.

2. Practice Writing

Get your kid to practice her writing, on any topic she wants! It could be fictional or non-fictional. How about a diary entry?

Writing forces an individual to be organized in their thinking, as it requires structure and planning. (She also has to pay attention to spelling and grammar!)

3. Solve Math Problems

Math is a fantastic way to build up the left brain. Your child can start really small, through early math concepts like counting, comparing and patterning (noticing a pattern of colours, for example).

4. Figure Out Puzzles

There are a multitude of puzzles to choose from, depending on your child’s interests. Sudoku, solving mysteries and picking apart riddles are a few options. Surf the net to find a treasure of riddles.

5. Play Chess

Chess seems to be the mother of all logic games. You have to plan several steps ahead and use a great amount of analytical thinking in chess. Perhaps you could teach your child and pick up a new hobby for yourself too.

6. Learn a New Language

We’ve mentioned that reading and writing are great left-brain exercises. Now imagine doing it in a new language! Learning languages is not only healthy for the brain, but is also really useful in real life.

Right Brain Exercises

If the left brain is considered the ‘logical’ side, then the right side is seen as the ‘creative’ side. The right brain is linked with intuition, auditory and visual processes, the arts, and holistic thinking. It also manages the left side of the body.

Here are some activities for a right-brain workout:

1. Play a Musical Instrument

Learn the violin, piano, or even singing! Learning rhythm, using your ear, and trying out composition are good right brain exercises.

Did you know that damage to particular areas of the right brain can affect one’s music perception? Well, now you do.

2. Make Art

Draw! Pick up any medium of choice, such as a pencil, a paintbrush, or even some playdough. Using visualization for art projects are a right brain activity.

3. Practice Meditation

Your right brain functions best when it is relaxed, allowing for intuition and creativity. Meditation or mindfulness practices are ways to achieve this. There are schools out there that are teaching these practices as part of a daily routine with their kids—and seeing great results.

Brain Training with Professionals

Both sides of the brain work together to achieve a well-rounded learning experience. There are programs such as You&Me Right Brain Learning Specialist, Putra Heights, that are designed to train both sides of the brain, by not just focusing on the left side (which is traditionally given more attention to in mainstream education).

If you have a child with special needs, you could try exploring neurofeedback, a type of brain training. It’s a therapeutic intervention that uses a computer programme to provide feedback on brainwave activity. Do contact HappyLand Psychology & Therapy Sdn Bhd, Johor Bahru, to find out more.

Want to know more about brain training programmes in Malaysia? Read this article.