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Right Brain, Left Brain, Whole Brain Training: What Does My Child Need?

by on 17/06/2016 4181

Note: This article was last updated 10th October 2020.


21st century parents are now embracing a whole new way of bringing up their children. It is no longer about “A is for apple, B is for boy”. Parents today are talking about right brain education, brain training, photographic memory, auditory recall, speed reading, intuitive math, etc. It is about providing every opportunity for your child to maximise his/her potential. It is about giving your child the best chance, not only of surviving, but of surviving at the top in this increasingly competitive world.


For parents who dream of doing that, the time is now. Today, children can benefit from early learning programmes and techniques that have developed as a result of research done by famous educators and researchers such as Dr Maria Montessori  (the child’s absorbent mind), Colin Rose (Accelerated Learning) , Dr Roger Sperry (split-brain research)  and Dr Professor Makoto Shichida (early brain stimulation) to name a few. 



1. BrainCarve


neuroscience program specialistBrainCarve is a unique whole brain development programme focusing on left and right brain stimulation through fun learning activities and games. It is a six-in-one programme that combines Abacus, Magic Fingers, Memory Techniques, Thinking Techniques, Verdic Maths and Win in 60 Seconds to work towards overall brain development. These techniques are all intended to improve the Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Creativity Quotient (CQ) of children between the age 3 to 16 years. The programme leverages on fun learning approaches to bring out the best in children, enhancing their observation, listening, language, mathematical, manipulative and self-help skills, as well as social and emotional development. “A smart brain is not god gifted. It is a result of good training in the initial stages of life.”



2. You&Me Right Brain Learning Specialist

neuroscience program specialistWhat sets You & Me Right Brain Learning apart from other learning centres is its early learning programme which utilises age-specific right brain training; one that taps into the imaginative and visual power of the right brain. You&Me Right Brain Learning Specialist is a big believer that every child is born with unlimited potentials; so, when the right side of the brain of a child is stimulated adequately; the child is thus able to maximise their individual potentials. The goal of the You & Me Right Brain Learning Programme is to enable the full, balanced functioning of both sides of a child's brain by nurturing their often-neglected right brain. The key to developing intelligence for a child is to foster growth and balance in both left and right brains. The curriculum is built upon scientific findings of all things brain development. As the outer layer of the brain develops from right to left, this gives a window of time (usually between 0 to 6 years old) during which a child is learning primarily with the right brain. At the centre, teachers guide children using uniquely absorbent method and techniques to take optimum advantage and maximise their "prime time" learning experience. 



3. BrainFit Studio  

brainfit studioBrainFit Studio in Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya. BrainFit Studio aims to maximise human potential by improving learning capabilities, boosting performance, shaping behaviours, and increasing intelligence through high-quality evidence-based neuro-scientific cognitive training programmes.


BrainFit’s Managing Director Frena Tan says, “Scientists working on mapping human intelligence have discovered that intelligence does not reside in any one part of our brain. Instead, the brain architecture for both human general intelligence (IQ) and emotional intelligence (EQ) involves a network of interconnections among a few critical brain areas, namely attention and working memory, language, visual and body perception. When we build brain fitness in these areas, we are strengthening the brain networks that make us more intelligent.”


So what exactly is brain fitness? According to Frena, it is similar to physical fitness, which is the foundational body skills that influence our performance in sports. Brain fitness is our foundational brain skills that influence learning and achievement in school, work and daily life. Recent brain scan research has also shown that brain fitness is closely linked to our IQ and EQ. A fit brain means an intelligent brain!


Keeping to the comparison with physical fitness, Frena said, “Just like measuring how heavy a weight your arm muscles can lift before embarking on a physical training program, measuring a student’s brain fitness level or cognitive skills helps us to understand the ‘mental weights’ the student should be lifting. It allows the trainer to determine the most optimal programme for the student based on his or her unique profile. We use CognitiveMAP™, a proprietary process, to evaluate a student’s cognitive skills in the five brain fitness systems: visual processing, auditory processing, sensory-motor processing, attention and memory, and social-emotional functioning.” BrainFit’s programmes are for children aged 9 months to 16 years.