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Language Classes: Does My Child Need Them?

by on 11/06/2021 2539

Giving the gift of languages – Is a foreign language really a gift to my child?

As Malaysians, being bilingual is something we take pride in. Being able to converse in at least two or more languages, be it Malay, English, Mandarin or Tamil, switching tongues just seems natural to us. But as parents in Malaysia, sending your child to language classes just might not be on your mind. Here’s why you should definitely consider language-based enrichment classes for your little one:

1. Language Absorption

Children between the ages of 6 months up to 10 years are like little sponges, they absorb everything easily and quickly! It’s a natural ability for children that age to imitate their surroundings. Monkey see, monkey do!

Their brains are designed to receive and learn foreign languages easily within the early years of their lives. Studies from the University of Washington show that as children age, they lose the ability to understand and learn foreign languages gradually.

Looking to help your child build better language abilities? For more than three decades, COSMOTOTS-iqd has been one of Klang Valley's leading purveyors of supplementary education. The fundamental service that COSMOTOTS-iqd provides is the imparting of above-average English skills to its students. Its great success over the years is due to the total immersion approach. Eventually, its students don't merely learn to communicate: they learn to manipulate language, and to analyse texts, and to formulate ideas. This is language learning of a higher order.

2. Boosts Brain Activity

Studies have also shown that being bi- or multilingual are better at multitasking and are more focused than monolinguals. Exposing your child to foreign languages can provide ‘mental gymnastics’ which can assist in sharpening their attention skills.

Other skills that are acquired when your child is introduced to foreign language include:

  • Critical thinking

  • Problem solving

  • Better memory

  • Better overall cognitive patterns

3. Boosts Empathy

Children who are exposed to foreign languages are often more open and empathic. This is because they understand and appreciate foreign culture and arts through the languages they learn. Often times, children who are multilingual tend to be mindful of their surroundings and considerate towards others who may or may not understand the language.

Other than that, a multilingual child also has a deeper perspective towards a different race, customs, geography, and other things that may be ‘different’ from what they are accustomed to.

Bright Star Chinese Education strives to promote the Chinese art and culture through different courses made available at the center. Classes are available for different age groups, covering various topics.

4. Better Academic Performance

As your child begins to learn a new language and acquire additional skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, these skills become the foundation of your child’s learning abilities academically.

Studies show that children and young adults who are multilingual perform better academically especially with Mathematics and languages.

Looking to teach your child Mandarin? Little Professor Chinese Learning Centre has a specially designed pictorial programme to help young children master 2,500 Chinese characters in no time using right and left-brain strategies.

Modern English also provides English language classes of the highest standard using a student-centred approach.

5. Breaking Borders

When your child masters a foreign language, it enables them to spread their wings and acquire friendships from around the globe, opens up opportunities for them in the future, and have deeper insights into how others perceive the world.

Learning Mandarin itself can allow you child to speak with over a billion people worldwide and learning English allows them to speak with over half of the world’s population. Isn’t that cool?