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Sri Mentari Puchong Utama 9 (Tadika Mentari Riang)

No. 22, Jalan PU 9/2G,
Taman Puchong Utama, Puchong, Selangor 47100
016-357 1XXX
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016-357 1423 / 03-8060 6562 (Ms Lam)Please mention you got this contact number from

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Sri Mentari Puchong Utama 9 (Tadika Mentari Riang) provides a rich and stimulating study environment with well-equipped learning activities for early childhood development. Our teachers are well-trained with more than 10 years of experience, who love children and have a passion for teaching.


We offer the most effective and comprehensive Trilingual Teaching Program (English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese) and the 7 Mentari Edu Scheme.




We also provide Advanced Computer Aided Education and creative activities such as Art & Craft, Music & Movement, Science, and Moral Education.


Outdoor activities, games and sports are planned to help enhance the development of the child.




Class Size


Total : 15 to 18 students


3 years to 4 years - 8 : 1


5 years to 6 years - 15 : 1



Editor's Review

Sri Mentari Puchong Utama 9 (Tadika Mentari Riang)

Sri Mentari Puchong Utama 9 (Tadika Mentari Riang)Sri Mentari Puchong Utama 9 is the second kindergarten started by Lam Yoke Ying and Elaine Choo to offer an effective and compr... READ FULL REVIEW

Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

Centre's Category: Kindergarten

Student Age Group: 3 years to 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Operating Hours (Saturday): Closed

Operating Hours (Sunday): Closed

Program / Teaching Method: Mentari Edu Scheme

Language Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese

Medium of Communication: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese

Facilities: Outdoor Playground

Helpful Reviews (10)

Anonymous rates this listing with

Semua guru telah melakukan tugas besar dalam menyediakan pendidikan awal kanak-kanak dan turut menyemai sikap yang betul dalam kajian.
Banyak maklumbalas yang baik kami terima dari ibu bapa yang menghantar kanak-kanak mereka ke Tadika Mentari Riang. Mereka berpandangan bahawa tadika ini memenuhi semua keperluan dan jangkaan mereka termasuk kaedah pengajaran yang baik dan persekitaran yang bersih. Di samping itu, tadika ini turut menyediakan makanan harian yang sihat dan lazat untuk kanak-kanak.
Selain itu, ibu bapa telah mengatakan bahawa guru-guru Tadika Mentari Riang telah menunjukkan contoh yang baik dalam menyemai nilai-nilai moral yang baik di kalangan kanak-kanak. Ini sangat penting kepada ibu bapa kerana kanak-kanak mudah belajar daripada orang dewasa dan guru mereka. ibu bapa dapat melihat dengan jelas peningkatan ketara mereka kanak-kanak sebelum dan selepas menyertai Tadika Mentari Riang.
Sementara itu, ibu bapa berpuas hati melihat kanak-kanak mereka bertambah baik dari segi prestasi akademiknya. Dulu anak-anak mereka cuma bercakap bahasa Cina saja di rumah, kini kanak-kanak mereka boleh bercakap dalam bahasa Inggeris dengan fasih dan yakin. Ibu bapa sangat gembira kerana anak-anak mereka telah banyak belajar di tadika.
Terima kasih kepada guru kerana telah banyak berkorban mengajar kanak-kanak dari mereka tidak tahu apa-apa sehingga mereka pandai menulis dan membaca dalam bahasa Inggeris dan Cina.

07/09/2016 - 04:37 pm

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Mr. and Mrs. Lim rates this listing with

To All Sri Mentari Learning House Teachers,
All of you have a done a great job in providing childrens' education and instill utmost right attitude in their studies. I feel so much satisfaction and fulfillment to have all my children enrolled in your centre.
Ms. Lam, I am proud to say that every day at home, my daughter is self-initiative, passionate and feel enthusiastic in her studies.
This is excellent and wonderful. Thank you!

07/09/2016 - 04:23 pm


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Ms Carmen rates this listing with

Taking this opportunity to thanks all the teachers, their dedication in moulding my child be interested in reading, work independently. Teachers always be there to solve my child's problem hand in hand with us

07/09/2016 - 04:18 pm


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Mrs Ho rates this listing with

You have done the great job throughout the year, keep it up and strike for the best in future.
my kid enjoying her school time towards the year, good job

07/09/2016 - 04:16 pm


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Ms Elaine rates this listing with

Thank you teachers to bear with my childrens' mischievous behaviours by leading them to proper path and discipline them in good manners. I am proud to say that my children now able to obey instructions and are well-discipline

07/09/2016 - 04:16 pm


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Mrs. Low rates this listing with

Well done to all teachers for building up my kid's development in education and socializing, my kid now more confidence on reading and writing. Special thanks to teacher Lam, who always guided us when we needed.

07/09/2016 - 04:14 pm


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Madam Lim rates this listing with

Thanks to all teachers have made learning as a fun process for the kids by having visual classes where outdoor visiting, sport speech n drama, Science experiment, children have more time to experience a new level of knowledge. The parents' day is one of the best time for interaction between teachers and parents, we can more understand how kids n teachers work in school.

07/09/2016 - 04:14 pm


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Mrs. Tan rates this listing with

l would like to thank to all teachers for taking care my child during the school time. The three language reading program is one of the great job, it really bring up my child on reading ahead to higher level. The extra curricular activities like sport and concert make the school time so meaningful.

07/09/2016 - 04:12 pm

+ 1

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Madam Goh rates this listing with

We feel great to thank the dedicated teachers, especially teacher Lam with her full knowledge to work with children in their study n behavior. Teachers have been taking their efforts, love and patient with my child during school time, my child enjoy his time with friends and teachers

07/09/2016 - 04:11 pm


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Madam Lee rates this listing with

We would like to thanks teacher Lam and all teachers which have done a great job in providing children education.
One of school program I would like to point out is yearly concert, this is a great opportunity to build up children on confidence, independent n good discipline towards the year. I am thankful my child been bringing up with the good environment.

07/09/2016 - 04:10 pm


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