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Mommy Mansion Confinement Centre, Klang

Lovely ID and cozy environment! Highly recommend centre for confinement!

Carine Choong
Mommy Mansion Confinement Centre, Klang

I really wan to recommend to all mummies here for this confinement centre... if can i wan to giv 10star.... the incharge person Amy was very friendly... n the place is new... n hav so many theme type of room for us to choose... is fun i hav to say. n they really giv very quality food for us mummy which i dun know how they cover with so reasonable charge... n everything they use for my newborn was very gd quality... the diaper..the lotion...massage oil..all organic....n centre bottle...they use Hegen! i was shock. the cooking aunty n the nurses was so so friendly n caring. so nice to talk to them n they know my baby so well. even better than myself. im a very gan jiong mummy... with my 1st born... the nurses just always reassure me..teach me...n take care my son so so well... i sleep so well at night with the herbal essence soup n i manage to hav more than enough breast milk supply for my son. I wish to keep extend my stay here is really relaxing n stress free confinement ... seeing my son gaining weight every day n no jaundice as well... growing so well..make me feel so blessed i did the right choice. i had honestly 0 complain with this place. Again thanks all the nurses n stuff here who attend n tk of us with gentle n patience.

Wendy Wong
Mommy Mansion Confinement Centre, Klang

I was really glad that we have chosen Mommy Mansion for my confinement. The delivery process was a huge drain of energy for me, so chosing a good confinement centre for me to rest, recover and restore good health is very crucial. I was happy that the nurses are very helpful and they guided me along for my first confinement. All of them are very experienced thus save me from worries about taking care of my first newborn baby. Their person in charge Ms Amy is also very friendly and helpful. Chatting with her releases my stress and boredness. The rooms are special and comfortable to stay. I really had a hard time to choose for our confinement room, because all of them are so unique. In the end, we had chosen the pink room. Nevertheless, they serve 5 meals a day with unlimited red dates drinks all day. As you know staying in the confinement month could be very boring, but their chef always makes up my days with variety of delicious menu and tonic. Not to forget, they also serve me Birdnest . During the stay, I engaged their massage lady for postnatal urut session. The massage is really good for eliminating winds from the body and help me for my uterine contraction. I feel so comfortable and reenergised after the massage. Overall it was a great stay at Mommy Mansion during my confinement, I will definitely engage them again if I have a second baby.

Daphny Yew
Baby Atelier Nursery & Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Baby Atelier is your trusted childcare center which equipped with personalised day care teachers that would tailored a personalised care and education courses to your little one. Hence no need to worry to leave your little one to them as the treatment is the same as if you are taking care of them yourself. Kudos to all the teachers and most of all Faye for the trusted hard work and not to mention my daughter who is close to 1 yrs old still calling Cik Munirah as her second "MaMa". Top choice for busy parents as the time schedule is from 7.30am to 7.30pm. The peace of mind is highly appreciated and valued for most parents like us.

Daddy of Tan Teng Ern
Baby Atelier Nursery & Preschool, Bukit Jalil

We have been sending our daughter, Mia to Baby Atelier since she was 2 month old. They were very professional when dealing with our baby. Kept on updating us on the status of our baby on a daily basis. Also teacher Munirah was especially caring towards Mia, she would even call to inform us if Mia was well behaved in the daycare as well. It felt like she treated Mia as her own daughter.

Mummy of Mia Chee
Baby Atelier Nursery & Preschool, Bukit Jalil

Teacher Munirah is a very patient, honest, attentive and caring teacher. She always tries her best to assure things are fine. I have a peace of mind knowing my baby is under her care. Keep up the good work, Teacher Munirah.

Mummy of Mason Cheong