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By Miriam Hedija . 28/11/2019

Does a Balanced Diet Affect My Child Mentally?

Find out how a well-balanced diet can influence a child’s intellectual, cognitive and emotional development.


By . 08/05/2019

Ramadan Fasting – How Young Should Your Child Start?

Fasting can be challenging, even for adults. So this raises the question of whether it is necessary for children to fast during the holy month of Ramadan? If yes, how young should a child start to fast?


By Felicia Yen . 22/03/2019

Restaurants Where Kids Can Eat for Free in Klang Valley

Enjoy the meal together at one of the many eateries that offer free kid’s meals. These offers are usually applicable for kids aged below 12, valid for dine-in only and require the purchase of an adult meal.


By . 29/08/2018

10 Best Food To Increase Breast Milk Naturally

Breast milk is the most nutritious food for newborns. But what happens when you can’t produce enough milk for your baby? Here are the 10 best foods to establish and increase your breast milk supply naturally. Good new is, they can be obtained easily!


By . 07/12/2015

The Importance of Good Gut Health for Your Child

This educational article is brought to you by nutritionist Dr Koh Chu Sing, to raise awareness among moms on better nutrition and well-rounded health among children.


By . 14/08/2015

Ease Your Child’s Constipation… Even When You’re Not Around

This educational article is brought to you by nutritionist Dr Koh Chu Sing, to raise awareness on better nutrition and well-rounded health amongst children.


By . 12/08/2015

Press Kit: Dugro Launches 'So Much More Nutrition' Campaign with Chef Anis Nabilah

New campaign engages Anis Nabilah as advocate to inspire well-rounded development in children.


By . 04/08/2015

Press Kit: Mamil MomMe Saturday Helps Mothers Improve Their Children's Digestive Health!


Mamil® with its long-standing expertise in child nutrition continues to support mothers in Penang on their motherhood journey.


By . 25/08/2014

Nutritious Food for Kids is Not Expensive!

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that in order to feed their kids healthy food, they need to buy the most expensive or branded items. But it's worth to remember that, Expensive doesn’t mean quality and cheap doesn’t mean bad.


By . 05/12/2013

Your Lil Chef and the Kitchen

When kids are allowed to explore in the kitchen they learn and practice basic math concepts, reading, following instructions, and building language skills. These skills will aid in building their self-esteem and sense of competency and independence.