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New Cerelac® Citarasa Ibu™ For Toddlers’ Culinary Journey Into Savoury Food With More Texture

by on 12/04/2021 3052

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 April 2021 — NESTLÉ launches its latest addition, CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™, allowing the Little Ones to transition into their next culinary experience, from pureed food to firmer texture and savoury taste — just like the family meal. Specially made for children aged 12 months old and above, this savoury food option provides a porridge-like texture with actual "rice crispies", enabling the Little Ones to feel as though they are eating solid foods that are similar to adult meals enjoyed by their parents.

The latest offering by CERELAC® comes in two delicious variants — Chicken Porridge (Bubur Ayam) and Vegetable Porridge (Bubur Sayur-Sayuran). With inspiration from mom’s kitchen, CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™ is made with natural ingredients such as carrot crunchies and flakes, onion flakes, and vegetable blend flakes specially selected for a Little One’s consumption.

New Cerelac® Citarasa Ibu™ For Toddlers’ Culinary Journey Into Savoury Food With More Texture

Launched virtually via Facebook live, eager members of the public were also able to get insights from fellow moms — Ika Nabella, celebrity mompreneur and proud mother of a one-year-old, and Dahlia Shazwan, fellow mom-influencer and host. Both shared their tips and tricks on elevating their Little Ones’ family dining experience with CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™ throughout the session.

With the theme A Bowl of Nutrition, Full of Goodness (Semangkuk Nutrisi, Penuh Kebaikan), NESTLÉ CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™ is a savoury porridge high in protein, calcium, and iron as well as containing 15 vitamins and minerals. These nutrients support the Little One’s growth and development into the next phase. As a young one grows, these key nutrients are crucial to ensure proper development, both physically and mentally.

New Cerelac® Citarasa Ibu™ For Toddlers’ Culinary Journey Into Savoury Food With More Texture

“By enabling little ones to routinely join their parents at the table, they can develop a better physical and social bond with their parents, contributing to the development of self-confidence in other social situations,” said Jasmin L. Estacio, Business Manager of NESTLÉ Nutrition Malaysia. “NESTLÉ CERELAC® wants to continue being a pioneer in baby food and offer mouth-watering savoury options through the launch of our new range, CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™ for Little One’s culinary progression into toddlerhood.”

To prepare the all-new CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™, simply measure 75ml of boiling water into a bowl and add 25g or 3 level tablespoons of CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™, mix well and hold for 3 minutes before serving. During the Facebook Live session, both Ika and Dahlia showcased the porridge-like consistency, which is great for Little Ones aged 12 months and above as they venture into their next culinary experience. The aroma and savoury taste derived from natural ingredients were also highlighted during the preparation, showcasing the goodness for the benefit of Little Ones.

CERELAC® Citarasa Ibu™ is available at major hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide with a recommended retail price of RM9.50. To request a sample, visit


NESTLÉ CERELAC® offers a range of nutritionally tailored and developmentally adapted textures of infant cereals and snacks to support complementary feeding from 6 months onwards. Nutritious complementary food such as rice, fish, meat, chicken, legumes, vegetables and fruits should be introduced to infants at 6 months old. NESTLÉ CERELAC® can be part of the varied complementary food to your child.

Important Notice: CERELAC® is not to be given to infants below 6 months of age unless advised by health professionals. For optimal infant health, breastfeeding should continue up to 2 years of age along with complementary feeding.

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