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Top 10 Reasons why going to #MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019 is a Good Idea

by on 13/09/2019 2683

#MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019 commences on the 14th-15th of September. Here are some reasons why you can’t miss it!


10. Super fun competitions

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


Watch school teams compete in a battle of wits or join in on the numerous competitions spread out throughout the two-day event.


From T-shirt designing to digital art contests, there’s going to be so much to take part in and watch as well.


9. Amazing prizes to be won!

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


Apart from the cash prizes, you can expect awesome lucky draw prizes this year, like LEGO Mindstorms worth more than RM2,000!


8. FREE Workshops

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


If you’re curious of the digital world, there are tons of workshops to take part in at the fair. And the best part? They’re all free! Get educated on IR 4.0 and how it’s going to impact our future as a nation!


7. Prominent Speakers

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


From the likes of Surina Shukri, CEO of MDEC to YB Gobind Singh, Minister of Communications and Multimedia Malaysia, expect talks from the biggest names in the industry sharing their wisdom on all things digital advancements.


6. Battle of the Ninjas

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


One of the highlight events of the Fair, Battle of the Ninjas is a pitching battle between some of the best Digital Ninjas this year to push their inventions to major industries.


5. AI-enabled Profiling Tool


Carve your career pathway with AI or Artificial Intelligence.


4. Meet Cruzr

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


Ever talked to a real life robot? Here’s your chance. Cruzr is a customised, cloud-based, intelligent humanoid service robot with the ability to interact with you, answer questions and collect data from its surroundings.


3. Meet some celebrities


There are some big names supporting this movement that is #MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019. Malaysian rapper, Caprice is among them so look forward to meeting them!


2. A Whole Lot of Fun

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


#MyDigitalMaker Fair is hosted to create awareness of the advancing world of technology in Malaysia and the world. It’s perfect for the whole family as there’s something for everyone!


The two-day event is jammed packed with fun activities for everyone to enjoy and get educated too!


1. Enter the Future

 MyDigitalMaker Fair 2019


Get immersed in the digital world that will soon become our future in the coming years.


With the latest addition to #MyDigitalMaker Fair’s third year running being Space Explorer, you can now experience the exciting endeavour of space travel!


So, step into the future this 14th-15th September 2019 at #MyDigitalMaker Fair and experience advancements in technology like no other!