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By Prakash Ravindran – Clini... . 06/03/2020

Myth Busters - Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a spectrum disorder whereby there is great variance in abilities and characteristics of individuals across the spectrum. It is complex and can be a confusing matter for families. Here are some common misconceptions about people with autism.


By Miriam Hedija . 28/11/2019

Does a Balanced Diet Affect My Child Mentally?

Find out how a well-balanced diet can influence a child’s intellectual, cognitive and emotional development.


By Anis Farhanah . 27/11/2019

Is It OK To Rotan The Kids?

The implementation of physical coercion by parents on their children was commonplace in our society back then. The crux of the matter is that, “Is it OK to rotan the kids?” This article reveals if caning still has a place in modern-day parenting.


By Kiddy123.com . 10/09/2019

Help Your Baby Learn To Talk

The first three years of your baby’s life is the most crucial period to learn to talk. Whether he can develop his language skills early or later, it really has to depend on the both your “baby talk” skills and your baby’s learning abilities.


By Hafizah Aziz . 22/04/2019

Rainbow is Prettier with More Colours – Making Your Children Comfortable about Physical Differences

Human being has various skin colours, different heights, numerous shapes, indefinite facial features and more. What is great about this? Because we are all unique from one another. Just imagine, how dull it must be to only witness one colour rainbow.


By Autism Behavioral Center (ABC) . 01/04/2019

Speech Delay or Autism? What is the Difference?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) otherwise known as Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder that affects how the brain processes information. Early signs of autism are seen generally before the age of 2 years old.


By Felicia Yen . 29/01/2019

Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children with Mental Health Disorders

Many more children are currently diagnosed with mental health disorders. If signs of concern persist for a long time and start impacting a child's functioning, it is critical to seek professional help and the sooner the better.


By Felicia Yen . 01/11/2018

Good character values develop through an interplay of school, family and community influences. Try these parenting strategies in character building and see your children grow into well-adjusted individuals.


By Felicia Yen . 18/09/2018

Early Warning Signs That Your Child Has Special Education Needs

When your child plays, learns, acts, moves and speaks differently on a regular basis compared to most of his or her peers, that is normally a red flag for a possible developmental problem.


By Adi Farhud . 18/07/2018

How Inactive Lifestyles Are Changing Our Kids

Physical inactivity or inactive lifestyle is a global health problem affecting not only adults but also children the world over.