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8 Ways To Guide Your Child Into Responsible Behaviour

Children will be children and parents will never run short of incidences where they wish their children acted in a more responsible manner. Parents themselves may have good values, those values have to be communicated well to be passed on to them.

A whole brain development programme with experienced and dedicated teachers that will prepare children thoroughly for a smooth and effortless transition from the carefree preschool environment to a structured primary school setting.

Language Enrichment Programs For Kids

Language enrichment centers are rapidly growing in Malaysia to cultivate basic language skills in young children. Language fluency and skills can help stimulate higher levels of thinking in children and help them to communicate better.

4 Selected Preschools in Damansara Heights

Not very far beneath its cold and impersonal exterior is a colourful, dynamic and progressive melting pot of preschool education – from one of the earliest established preschools in the country to one established only four short years ago.

Kids Academy is at the forefront of a new and exciting generation of preschools and educators where a warm, nurturing and interactive environment values the children as individuals. A haven where children grow both academically as well as emotionally

A kindergarten that believes in the potential of children, with the goal of providing quality education in a safe and clean environment that supports child growth, that is New Sun Moon Kindergarten.

Located in Bandar Puteri Puchong, Q Garden is your typical medium-size friendly neighbourhood kindergarten where children get to learn and play while parents can go to work without worry.

A beautiful preschool with a majestic school building and spacious grounds, tucked away in the Wawasan 2 residential area is HANKidz Leadership Preschool. In 2016, it started with a new team of educators, new teaching methods, and new programmes.

Pristine Baby Care was started by Ms Yunics due to overwhelming response from parents at her nursery. Parents not only trust her teaching methods, they feel safe entrusting their child at Pristine Baby Care centre.

Beyond Kids Montessori offered the most up-to-date and comprehensive Montessori Education in accordance to the National Pre-school Curriculum. The programs and curriculum are well designed to instill a love of learning in children.