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By Anis Farhanah . 11/12/2019

International Special Needs Children, Subang Jaya

International Special Needs Children (ISNC) is created specifically to help children with learning differences, behavioural challenges, issues with attention and other developmental disabilities, preparing them for mainstream schools.


By Felicia Yen . 02/12/2019

The Essential Parent Guide to Early Childhood Education Approaches

Learn about the different early childhood education methods and decide which one is the right fit for your child.


By Anis Farhanah . 01/12/2019

Merry Activities For A Very Merry Month (December 2019)!

Ho ho ho! Since Santa is coming to town, you better watch out for these exciting activities in this festive season! December is a month full of special days so be prepared to be mesmerised in these merry activities.


By Felicia Yen . 29/11/2019

Out with the Old, In with the New Christmas Traditions

Focus on your favourite traditions or start new rituals that will make you look forward to Christmas each year. Make this your merriest year with one, or all, of these unique ideas.


By Kiddy123.com . 28/11/2019

Selected Preschools in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Continuing from our series of Selected Preschools, this time we bring you a selection of worthy preschools in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, to make it easier for you to filter and compare preschools.


By Cindy Fernandez . 28/11/2019

aCAREdemy is the place parents depend on for dependable daycare, nutritious home-cooked meals as well as homework assistance and guidance, and enrichment programmes.



By Felicia Yen . 28/11/2019

Challenges and Possible Solutions of Running an Early Childhood Education Business in Malaysia

Operators are faced with a unique set of challenges associated with the early education and care industry. Read on for suggested possible solutions to minimise or overcome them.


By Felicia Yen . 28/11/2019

Early Childhood Education Trends in Malaysia 2019/2020

Learn about the 5 current early childhood education trends that are transforming our local preschools and childcare centres.


By Miriam Hedija . 28/11/2019

Does a Balanced Diet Affect My Child Mentally?

Find out how a well-balanced diet can influence a child’s intellectual, cognitive and emotional development.


By Anis Farhanah . 27/11/2019

Is It OK To Rotan The Kids?

The implementation of physical coercion by parents on their children was commonplace in our society back then. The crux of the matter is that, “Is it OK to rotan the kids?” This article reveals if caning still has a place in modern-day parenting.