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Coping with Coronavirus | How to Talk to Your Child

by on 11/03/2020 6737

The virus is new and there is more news of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) each day, with 18 new infections as we type, bringing the national tally to 117 cases to date. By now, even young children, who might only be 5 or 6 years of age, would have heard about the coronavirus either from social chatter at the school playground or snippets of things they hear from adults. So, what should you tell your child about the coronavirus, and how to talk about it in an age-appropriate way?


First things first, keep calm and make sure you are not panicking when talking about the topic.


Empower Your Child with Age-Appropriate Facts About Coronavirus

Don’t fuel the flame by providing excessive information that can cause unnecessary alarm. The following infocomic is a great one to explain to young children.  


What is Coronavirus?



What are the Symptoms?



How is it Spread?



How to Keep Safe?




If you, as the parent, are unsure about the coronavirus, head over to the World Health Organization website for accurate advice and virus myth busters.


If you are a school, head on over to SC Johnson for a FREE trial of their hand hygiene solutions.