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5 Tips to Keep Your Child Healthy and Happy During a Viral Outbreak

by on 06/02/2020 3918

Prevention is, indeed, better than cure

It’s official, the flu bug has hit Malaysia.

The influenza outbreak in Malaysia has spread across the country and instilled fear amongst citizens, especially parents with little kids. Schools are being forced to close temporarily and flu shots are running low on stock. Fret not, Kiddy123 has complied a guide on how to combat the flu like a boss.

1. Practice Good Hygiene

Virus droplets from a sick person’s sneeze or cough can land on many surfaces. It’s important to keep surfaces that your family encounters clean. Disinfect doorknobs and remotes regularly and don’t share personal items such as toothbrushes, glasses and utensils, especially with someone already down with the flu. Parents should always clean and disinfect your children’s toys. It’s important to keep a clean space to fight off those pesky viruses!

2. Keep Clean Hands

Viral infections like the influenza are easily contractable if you come into contact with a contaminated object or person. To avoid it, wash your hands regularly – scrub, under warm to hot water for about 20 seconds with soap, and rinse. If water is unavailable, use a hand sanitizer that contains 60%+ alcohol. Remember to also avoid touching the nose, eye and mouth area to reduce infection.

When sending your kids to school, pack a travel-sized hand sanitiser, which can easily be purchased at your local drugstore. Schools should also be mindful and take initiative to install hand sanitizer dispensers around the school compound for a cleaner and safer environment, especially during flu season.

If you are a school, head on over to SC Johnson for a FREE trial of their hand hygiene solutions.

3. Visit the Doctor

It’s always best to consult your doctor when you or your family member feels unwell. Communicate with your local general practitioner and inform them about any symptoms that you may be having and if you need to come in for an exam. It’s very important to stay calm and don’t panic if you or your child shows symptoms of having the virus. Call your doctor, they know better.

4. Staying Away

Coughing and sneezing both release virus into the air and increases the risk of infection. Always remember to keep a distance from people who appear to have symptoms of an upper respiratory infection. If you or your child feels unwell, remember to always put on a face mask to prevent the spreading of infection to those around you.

5. Practice Good Cough and Sneezing Etiquette

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If you or your little one happens to catch the flu, it’s very important to practice good cough and sneezing etiquette. Protect others from germs by sneezing and coughing into a handkerchief, or even better a disposable tissue. Avoid sneezing or coughing directly onto your hands as this will spread germs when you or your child comes into contact with other people. Try keeping a packet of tissues on your child at all times and educate them the importance of practicing good cough and sneezing etiquette. However, if a cough or sneeze sneaks up on you without warning, it’s okay to sneeze into your bent elbow.