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5 Must-Read Books for Teachers in 2021

by on 16/08/2021 4026

Looking for inspiration and forward determination to bring new hope after being overwhelmed by 2020? Check out our pick of the best books for teachers to read this year.

1. The Teacher’s Guide to Self-Care: Build Resilience, Avoid Burnout, and Bring a Happier and Healthier You to the Classroom

By Sarah Frost

As a teacher, it is common to feel stressed-out and exhausted. This guide can help teachers build a sustainable career without sacrificing their well-being. Written by a former special education teacher who experienced a mental breakdown at the beginning of her career, Sarah Frost knows the importance of self-care firsthand. She offers readers practical strategies on how to make time for self-care and the need to set healthy boundaries in order to become a happier and healthier teacher.  

2. Mindfulness in the Classroom: Mindful Principles for Social and Emotional Learning

By Season Mussey

Mindfulness matters in the classroom more so than ever before. In this book, readers can explore eight principles of mindfulness that promote better social-emotional learning. Grounded by research-based theories and examples of classroom activities and strategies, Season Mussey guides readers back to the heart of teaching and learning. Teaching the whole child to have increased self-awareness, self-control, kindness, integrity and empathy will optimise students’ potential, give them life skills that they can carry with them into the future and make the world a better place in general.

3. Teaching in the Online Classroom: Surviving and Thriving in the New Normal

By Doug Lemov

Education has evolved in many new ways as a response to COVID-19 and the shift to technology integrated learning systems are expected to remain post-pandemic. Author of Teach Like a Champion, Doug Lemov, and other expert educators teamed up to provide everyday teachers with workable strategies to tackle online learning challenges. They share proven techniques that can improve students’ engagement and achievements online. This is a fitting read for educators to survive and thrive in the new normal.

4. The Excellent 11: An Award-Winning Teacher’s Guide to Raising Children Who Love to Learn

By Ron Clark

Ron Clark, an award-winning teacher and author of the New York Times bestseller The Essential 55, identifies eleven qualities that make a great teacher and student. This book is filled with many inspirational stories and suggestions on how to apply these qualities when educating children. For instance, Creativity: the best teachers are the ones who are able to think out of the box to find the best techniques to help children learn; Enthusiasm: a teacher’s enthusiasm is infectious and will stimulate children to learn; Confidence: half the battle in raising successful children is boosting their self-confidence.

5. EduHeroes: How to Transform Relationships into Powerful Tools for Classroom Success

By Deanna Jump

Deanna Jump is a well-known teacher-author who made headlines when she earned a million dollars from Teachers Pay Teachers. She wrote EduHeroes: How to Transform Relationships into Powerful Tools for Classroom Success to encourage other fellow educators to build stronger learning communities that inspire student success. Readers will discover tools that can strengthen their relationships with students, parents and colleagues, and be the positive influence to help students reach their full potential.