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Apple King, Bangi (Tadika Epal Ceria Bangi)

No. 1A, Jalan Kajang Impian 2/1,
Taman Kajang Impian,
Bandar Baru Bangi, Bangi, Selangor 43650
010-232 8XXX
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010-232 8188 Please mention you got this contact number from

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Apple King Bangi Centre was established since 2011. Since kindergarten is a child's first
experience with formal education, our centre is a well-planned learning centre where children
can pursue learning through activities and playing. Children may learn and develop many skills
in many areas, increase confidence and build healthy relationships.

Our centre is located at a shoplot, surrounded with housing estates and easy accessible from 
Silk Highway and Persiaran Bangi roundabout. This centre is fully air condition with spacious
classrooms, gym area, multipurpose hall, dining hall and naping rooms.

We have quality teachers, safe and good atmosphere and also range of daily different
activities carried out in both small and large groups. The syllabus is compact and appropriate
to equip the children for primary school readiness. We also provide enrichment classes in the
afternoon for those children who need extra learning.

Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

Centre's Category: Kindergarten, Nursery

Student Age Group: 2 - 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Operating Hours (Saturday): 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Language Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia & Chinese

Medium of Communication: English

Facilities: Indoor Playground, Ball Pool, Reading Corner, Music Corner, Science Corner, Art and Craft Corner.
E-learning program for Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin Teaching Material Corner

Helpful Reviews (16)

Hidayatu'l Helwa Amran rates this listing with

Apple King is wonderful environment for my daughter Najihah (K1E) to start her learning journey in. Plus the teachers are very warm, caring, supportive, patient and friendly.

The positive change to Najihah after she enrolled in Apple King (Bangi). She able try to speak English at home.

Next year we plan to also enrol her younger brother to Apple King...

Thank you teachers.

12/12/2018 - 03:00 pm


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Nurmazaina Ariffin rates this listing with

Alhamdulillah! Damia learnt a lot at Apple King Bangi since she joint at the age of 2 yo. She loves to go to school and she loves all the teacher. The teaching approach at Apple King Bangi is very practical and effective including creative art and craft session. Damia enjoy the session and now she can recognise alphabet, numbering and can sing almost all nursery rhymes besides better in communicating. After 1 and 1/2 years at Nursery class, she become so cleaver and talkative.
I wish to thank all the teacher for your kind and diligent effort.

19/09/2018 - 12:37 pm


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Rabitah Harun rates this listing with

I'm a mother of Cahya Qaseh Aleesya and Cahya Qaseh Sofia, now aleesya is 7 year old, I'm so proud when aleesya teacher told me that she so good in science, mathematics and Inggeris, for example science the function of magnet even she don't learn yet at primary school she know already by the time her primary teacher teach her, this is because she already learn at AKB... Thanks to all teachers
And Now I send sofia she only 2 years old but yet she love to go to school.. She know her teacher name and friends.. ABC until Z, 123 until 10 in BI and mandarin, at 1st I just want her to have fun because she only 2.. But yet she don't just have fun but learn a lot a new thing and very independent littel girl.. And again Thanks to all teachers APPLE KING BANGI
I'm so happy send all my kids here.

20/07/2018 - 03:02 pm


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Qahirah Khalid rates this listing with

Highly would recommend! My daughter really enjoy to school here and she always tells that teachers are very nice. She has lots of improvements within short period after started school, very exciting methods and interesting syllabuses that have been introduced. I would say everything are going good for my daughter, 5 stars for Apple King Bangi.

16/07/2018 - 12:31 pm


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Arif Sham rates this listing with

Our daughter completed her kindergarten today at Apple King Bangi. From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank all the wonderful teachers at Apple King Bangi who has tireless poured their love and support to Alveena this 3 wonderful years. From a shy little girl, she has now turned into a cheerful, bubbly and positive-minded young lady. She will embark onto her next phase of her life, but Apple King will always be something that is very dear to Alveena’s and our hearts. Thank you and we wish the Apple King group many more successes for many more years to come. Thank you. Terima kasih. 謝謝. நன்றி.

18/06/2018 - 12:29 pm


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Irdhina Safiyyah rates this listing with

This is our daughter, Irdhina Safiyyah. She is three years old. She started her journey with Apple King Kindergarten Bangi in Nursery Mercury since March 2017, at the age of two and a half years. After a few months of enrolment at the kindergarten, we could see our daughter has gained more confidence, improved her social skills, become more independent and is keen to learn new things, which is reflected in her knowledge acquired. Her vocabulary has expanded extensively and she can identity many things. She talk to us a lot about her school activities, friends and teachers. She loves all the daily school activities and the special events organised by her teachers very much, such as Fishing Day and Sandwich Day.

Irdhina Safiyyah is always eager to go to school and address her teachers, whom are always with smile on their face, warm and friendly. The teachers are open and inviting to receiving questions and concerns from parents, and they are prompt to discuss issues relating to the children. They regularly update parents about the day's events and share photos from time to time so what we could get a glimpse of our child's day at school. We would like to thank all the teachers: Teacher Cheah, Asmah, Koh, Shankeri, Salina, Orange, Suriya, Rozi, Mizi and Chan, for their patience, kindness, love, cretivity and dedication to nurturing and educating our child. Please keep up the good work at Apple King Kindergarten Bangi and may you continue nurturing the future generation in great success.

25/05/2018 - 06:09 pm

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Harith Naim rates this listing with

Setelah saya menghantar anak saya ke Apple King, anak saya dapat menguasai kemahiran membaca dalam bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Inggeris dan Bahasa Cina, serta memahami konsep matematik dan sains dengan baik. Sistem pendidikan yang istimewa yang digunakan amat bagus bagi menyediakan murid-murid pra sekolah untuk melangkah ke darjah satu kelak. Saya amat berpuas hati dengan pihak tadika dan guru-guru yg berdedikasi dan akan datang sudah pasti saya akan memilih tadika Apple King utk meneruskan pendidikan awal bagi dua lagi anak saya iaitu Amzar dan Marissa.

25/05/2018 - 06:00 pm

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Kwan Pei Jie rates this listing with

我女儿在还没在Apple King 就读前是一个害羞又没自信的女孩,还记得她刚到Apple King 的时候,她只找她的堂姐和表姐玩。当回到自己的教室时就很不习惯所以那时便时常告诉我她不想去Apple King.幸好有老师们的耐心开解和关怀,慢慢的她就不再找堂姐和表姐了,她也开始在班上认识了很多新朋友。我很感谢老师们的专业教导以及对孩子的耐心和关怀,她现在更有自信也更加愿意和朋友分享她的东西。除了教学,老师对孩子的品行和人格发展也给了我很好的意见。在此感谢老师们给予的帮助,谢谢!

25/05/2018 - 05:54 pm


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M Adzin Zharfan bin Shaiful Adrie rates this listing with

There are many improvements that I can see. He success in potty training!!I am so thankful to the teachers and caretaker, they are so patient in handling this kind of child. Zharfan also can read A-Z with sound! He only learn about few months but he managed to complete it. I believe the teaching method make child love and enjoy the learning session.
I love Apple King! They are able to give the best of them. Keep up the good work!!

25/05/2018 - 05:44 pm


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Jia Ying & Guan Ze rates this listing with

Our 6 years old daughter and 4 years old son both attend Apple King Centre Bangi.
My daughter love going to school and learning new things, which is creating a strong foundation for enthusiasm for their education. She love her teachers and her friends, and we feel she is getting a very rich and fulfilling preschool experience.
My son has some temper, moody problems and i think the center dealt it with incredible patience and understanding. He now gets himself ready in the morning. He is learning by leaps and bounds thanks to his awesome teachers!
My family is so happy to have found Apple King. We thank everyone again at Kindergarten for the memories and taking care of our children.
Thank you!

25/05/2018 - 05:38 pm


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Raissa Liana rates this listing with

I enrolled my daughter here when she was 2y/o, Since then, she has shown great progress in her academic and practical side of life. She also becoming more independent. All the teachers here are dedicated to their job, and very friendly too!:)
Overall, I am satisfied with the systematic and organized materials, great environment and most importantly, the school cleanliness.
Special thanks to Mdm Cheah and her staffs for the amazing work and their continual guidance over the years.
Keep it up and all the best!!

25/05/2018 - 05:29 pm


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Jep Che Zir rates this listing with

I got to know Apple King when my eldest nephew enrolled to the school (in Bangi). Back then, I managed to see his well being in school, and he looked super positive. Then his two little brothers followed his footsteps enrolled to the same school, and they were doing great. My daughter turns two this year and when we were deciding which school my daughter should attend to, Apple King is our first choice. It took some time for her to adapt, then after a while she loves the school. She learnt a lot of stuff such as alphabets, numbers, animals and common shapes and objects. She also became talkative and loves to sing! Especially in her bedtime! The teachers really did a tremendous job in providing daycare and educating children at the same time. Bravo to all the teachers! Keep it up!

14/05/2018 - 02:58 pm


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Mona Izham rates this listing with

Zunah is only two when she starts joining Apple King Bangi. At first, we are a bit worried as knowing Zunah, she is a shy girl and takes time to get use to new environment. At first, she did get grumpy to school. But thank you to Apple King Bangi ’s teachers for their patient with Zunah. Now, she is so happy to school. She has many friends there. She is now independent and able to follow daily routine such as keeping her things at the right place. In term of learning, I can see so much improvement. We love to test her with ABC. “A for what.. B for what.. C for what ..” and she would happily answer.
Thank you all Apple King Teachers!!!

13/09/2017 - 12:34 pm


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Biha rates this listing with

I've send my son that has reserved personality to Bangi Apple King. Suprisingly my son can adapt to the friendly environment at school, he also build trust with teachers. Of course this is by guidance of cheerful personality of the teachers in Bangi Apple King. Any issues rises between the students is handled professionally by them. My son changed from totally not will look person in the eye attitude, now has his favourite teachers.(Teacher Rozi, Teacher Chan, and Teacher Santri). Thank you all teachers in Apple King Bangi. Definitely recommended. 5/5 stars :)

Sincerely, mommy of Adika K5S

08/08/2017 - 02:59 pm


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Elina Sambora rates this listing with

I would just like to a give a shout out to the teachers at Apple King Bangi. All 3 of my boys – Ryyan, Rezza, and Raffan - have been students there (Raffan is still there!) and the teachers have truly made an impact on my children’s development.

Kindergarten is an exciting time for children, but it is also very hard (for both the child and the teacher!). It’s a crucial year for building a strong foundation, but for me, I am more concerned about whether my child has a good experience at kindergarten as it will shape their attitude towards school and learning.

Thanks to the dedication and passion of the teachers at Apple King Bangi, my boys love going to school, and they have learnt good manners, how to follow rules, social and other lifelong skills that they will carry with them to the next phase of life.

I would also like to compliment Ms. Cheah, the school’s supervisor, who has been a steady rock of support for me and my children. I happy to see how all the teachers will genuinely smile and greet the children every morning at the door, and how they don’t mind spending a few minutes sharing with us what our children did that day. Keep up the good work!

I hit the kindergarten jackpot and I’m very thankful that I sent my boys to Apple King Bangi.

11/07/2017 - 12:33 pm


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Noraini Mohd Ali rates this listing with

We have been a part of Apple King Bangi Centre for over 2 years, and we love this school!!!! i am glad i made the right decision to choose Apple King as a preschool education for my kids.

My son grew so much and im beyond happy with how he excelled in education, social n behaviour. He loved learning and meeting new multiracial friends.

Thank you to all teachers that touched our lives. You are all amazingly friendly with warm welcoming environment every day. Thanks a lot for your love, patient and dedication to my son.

I cant wait for my younger son to be part of Apple King Bangi Centre next year!!!!

12/06/2017 - 12:32 pm


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