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Local Animations and TV Shows for Muslim Kids

by on 17/05/2019     693 765

Highlighting the modern parent's needs in casual religious upbringing and children’s purposed watching, Kiddy123 brings you the Islamic child-animations and TV shows list that nurture your child in their religious path and needs. This additional option to mix in their watching list is a great way for Muslim parents to make use of animation illustrations that not only could attract the children but also teaching them valuable lessons. Besides, who doesn’t like cartoon and sing-along shows right? 



1. Upin & Ipin

Upin & Ipin animated series is about five-year-old Malaysian twins who lived in a laidback village of Kampung Durian Runtuh with surrounding characters; Kak Ros, Opah, Mei Mei, Jarjit, Mail, Ehsan and more. Began in 2007 as an accompanied project of Les’ Copaque Production, the episode started as for honouring Ramadan celebration of the same year.

Youtube: Les’ Copaque Production

Marking its way to the 13th season this year of Ramadan, Upin & Ipin is listed as it not only highlights the good morals towards elderly and the value of friendship but also for showcasing the Islamic aspect of Muslimin ibadah – Solah, Fasting, Du’a.

Language: Malay, English, Mandarin

Available on: TV9 (Malaysia), MNCTV (Indonesia), Irmak TV (Turkey), Astro Ceria (Malaysia & Brunei), Disney Channel Asia, iflix and official Youtube channel

Find out more about the creator:


2. Ummi…Ceritalah Pada Kami

Ummi…Ceritalah Pada Kami (UCPK) also available as Ummi…More Stories Please is an Islamic child musical 3D animation series about a lady named UMMI, who teaches her young students about moral values through storytelling at her transit home for children called 'Pondok Ummi'.

Youtube: HudHud TV

Sensing the lack of children’s programmes that not only educate but also entertain at the same time, the co-founder and renowned singer, Nora Ariffin created this animated series hoping to provide Islamic content for children to exemplifies and appreciate stories taken from the Al-Quran.

Language: Malay, English

Available on: Youtube channel

Find out more about the creator:


3. AQIL Story

AQIL Story is an animation series about an intelligent and smart 9 years-old boy named Aqil, along with his sister Ameera and his naughty best friend, Afif. Guided by Al-Quran and Hadith, the creator – Khalifa Production pointed out that for this series to teach the children through the stories with the right picture rather than dictating them on what to do.

Youtube: AQIL Story

Each episode comes with a mixture of problem and solution, whereby the children make the mistake first but will learn a lesson from the situation later. The story aims to nurture good ethical values based on the Islamic teachings for children such as being honest, gentle, polite, helpful, and respect for each other.

Language: Malay, English

Available on: Youtube channel

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4. Omar dan Hana

Omar dan Hana is an Islamic sing-along animated stories specially made for the young Muslim kids in mind. Copyrighted by Measat Broadcast Network Systems and Digital Durian, this series is written to educate and remind young Muslims about Islamic values and practices in a fun and interactive way.

Youtube: Omar & Hana - Lagu Kanak-Kanak Islam

Among featured theme in those songs Islamic phrases and how it applies in Muslim everyday life, respecting all the living things be it a love for human, animals, or even plants.

Language: Malay, English

Available on: Astro Ceria (11.00 am & 6.00 pm) and official Youtube channel

Find out more about the creator:



Writer's note: My compliments to the classic Abang Sidi by Fine Animation for reminding me that I also once a child; thank you for the all wonderful stories and lessons. Keep in mind that these animations still could be watch as general view and not exclusively to be inclusive. The purpose is to provide an outlet and to positively support our local animations company that aimed to inhabit good values and learning among the Muslim children in interactive way.


Warning and advice: Children below the age of 2 years old are not encouraged to be exposed to media and electronic gadgets excessively as these years are fundamental for their natural growth and well-being – Read the article by Stanford's Children Health for proper watching guidelines here: Television and Children. Read more on our related articles, TV: Good or Bad for Kids? or How Inactive Lifestyles Are Changing Our Kids for easy streaming done right.


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