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4 Fun DIY Activities For Kids

by on 20/08/2021 4119

Can't think of anything fun and educational for the weekend? We've got you covered, Moms and Dads! What better way to spend your day off than by getting creative together? The best part is that all projects are very simple to do at home!

1. Grow Organic Mushrooms At Home!

Images were taken from Mushroom Lab

A cool experiential learning experience, zero-gardening experience needed!

These DIY Mushroom growing kits come with all the supplies you'll need to grow your shrooms.

Just spritz the soil with water 2-3 times a day, and in 7 days (or less) you’ll be harvesting mushrooms right out of the box!

Images were taken self-captured by from Day 3-5

Purchase the Mushroom Growing Kit here: Mushroom Lab (also available at Shopee)

2. Rainbow Bubble Snake Experiment

Images were taken from 亲子手工课堂

In this magical parent-child science experiment, your child will beg for more play! It's super simple to do and suitable for all ages. This activity isn't just about fun with bubbles. It exercises your child’s lungs while teaching them the STEM concepts, too.


Dish soap, plastic bottle, a pair of old socks, rubber band, plate, water, sugar, food colouring


  1. Cut the plastic bottle into half.

  2. Attach the sock to the bottle and fasten it with a rubber band.

  3. Drizzle different food colouring drops onto the sock to form rainbow bub. (Optional) *

  4. On a plate, mix 2-3 tablespoons of dish soap, sugar, and water.

  5. Dip the sock in the solution and blow hard!

Vola, you’ve just called out a rainbow snake!

Remember to blow out the air and not suck it in, otherwise, you'll be swallowing bubbles.


The surface tension of water is demonstrated in this experiment. When the water molecules are too closely bound together, it is difficult to generate bubbles.

Dish soaps contain surfactants, which can reduce the water surface tension and create a water film. When we blow into the sock, the thin water film travels through the small holes of the sock and turns into fine bubbles. Adding sugar slows the evaporation process, hence resulting in longer-lasting bubbles.

3. Origami Frog Leaping Race

Images were taken from 手工染

A classic childhood memory of many young parents from the 1990s and 1980s. Let's relive the memories by having your child compete in an origami frog leaping race with you this week!

Download the origami tutorial here: Art - Origami Frog

4. Spot the Differences

Images were taken from Kiddy123 E-Learning

Let’s see how well you can eye for details!

For more activities, click here for the list of Online Programs for Kids (organised by schools and learning centres)!

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