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By . 22/02/2018

English Class Activities For Kindergarten Kids in Malaysia

Try this simple yet practical games to help your child master English!

By . 22/02/2018

Importance Of Learning English From Young

Are your children fluent in English? Mastering the language will open up new opportunities and is vital for their future life journey.

By . 02/02/2018

Educator's Mental Health and Wellbeing

Even as we stride for perfection from the educators at our children schools, we seldom forget that they are human beings too.

By . 08/01/2018

7 Things You Must Not Forget Before Starting School

Ready for the new year? Here are some tips to prepare your child for the new school year.

By Magicforest Sdn Bhd . 03/01/2018

Magicforest - Educational toys that engage, educate and entertain

MAGICFOREST™ proudly manufactures high quality educational wooden toys at affordable prices to parents, home schoolers and educators in Singapore, Malaysia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

By . 15/11/2017

10 Points To Ponder When Choosing A Preschool

Preschools are generally meant to prep children up for school. Other than getting a child used to a school environment, another aim of preschools is to help create the love and passion for learning. Here's what you need to know before enrolling.

By . 02/10/2017

Language Enrichment Programs For Kids

Language enrichment centers are rapidly growing in Malaysia to cultivate basic language skills in young children. Language fluency and skills can help stimulate higher levels of thinking in children and help them to communicate better.

By . 15/09/2017

Effective Communication With Preschoolers

How do you talk and listen to your child? How do you interact with her so she trusts you and opens up to you? Read on to find out how you can communicate more effectively with your preschool child.

By . 05/09/2017

The Role Of Music In Brain Development

A number of researches have uncovered that improving children’s musical abilities can actually help boost the development of the brain and helps them greatly in subjects like arts, language, mathematics and even science!

By . 02/08/2017

Essential Steps In Raising A Smart Child

Nothing pleases a parent more than being told that their child is intelligent and smart. Are there any secrets in raising a clever kid? Indeed there are. In fact, here are some secrets shared on stimulating a child’s intellectual growth.