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By Felicia Yen . 18/06/2020

FREE Printable Worksheets for Kids | Bundle #10

Help your child learn numbers, alphabets, colours, shapes and other early concepts with these worksheets.


By Irina Myriam . 17/06/2020

How to Prepare Your Child for Transition to Year 1 From Kindergarten

Ways to ease your child's transition from preschool to primary school, despite the Covid-19 related school closures.


By Miriam Hedija . 11/06/2020

Language Classes: Does My Child Need Them?

Giving the gift of languages – Is a foreign language really a gift to my child?


By Irina Myriam . 10/06/2020

6 Ways Technology Benefits Today's Kids

Forget downsides of screen time. Here are the advantages of tech use for children!


By . 04/06/2020

Top Early Childhood Business Franchises in Malaysia

If you are thinking about starting your own early childhood education or childcare business, now is the time. Scroll through to discover our selected early childhood business franchises.


By Irina Myriam . 29/05/2020

The Therapeutic Side of Art | Helping Kids Cope with Stressful Times

How art helps build resilient, emotionally intelligent kids.


By Irina Myriam . 08/05/2020

How to Exercise the Left and Right Side of the Brain | Brain Training

Learn how to unlock the potential of your kid's brain, through brain training exercises.


By Felicia Yen . 30/04/2020

FREE Printable Worksheets for Kids | Bundle #3

Free printable worksheets to help children practice early learning concepts.


By Irina Myriam . 29/04/2020

What Are Social Stories? | A Teaching Tool for Kids with Autism

Learn about the benefits, and try to write your own.


By Irina Myriam . 29/04/2020

Try This If You’re Struggling to Teach Your Kid

How a token economy can be used to develop skills and desirable behaviours.