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3Q MRC Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari, Taman Desa

by on 06/12/2016 930

Situated well away from the busy main road, and nestled in a quiet nook, sits a red-brick and yellow painted corner building which is Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari. You are immediately drawn to this building with its warm exterior, clean surroundings and well-kempt and spacious garden.


Madam Poon Wai Leng, its principal, greets us with a bright, “Welcome! Please come in.” We immediately feel at ease with her easy gait and warm engaging smile.


All the classrooms, meal areas, rest and sleep areas are beautifully painted and adorned with the children’s handicrafts and kids themed full wall murals. Security-wise, outside access to Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari is enabled through only one main gate and one access controlled main door.


Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari has been operating in Taman Desa for the best part of almost sixteen years. It utilises the proven 3Q™ system. Allowing children to learn using the most effective study tools that synchronises their left and right brain to nurture whole brain development. The program provides 9 different subjects based on age, ranging from three and a half to six years old, and is divided into three different age groups (J2, J3 and J4). Together, they develop the mental processes, language capabilities, (namely English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin) and promote whole brain learning skills such as words recognition, comprehension of simple sentences, association skills and basic vocabulary development. Besides honing the child’s imagination and thinking skills through their environment and the events and happenings around them, it also cultivates the child’s reading, listening and speaking abilities.


Twice a year, ‘Meet-The-Parents’ sessions are organised to assess the progress of the students and gauge the effectiveness of Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari’s programmes.


All Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari’s caregivers and course instructors have been internally trained through a series of unique childcare programs that equip them with the necessary professional skills and knowledge to educate and nurture the students in its care. They have also undergone first aid training in case of any health-related emergencies.


The humble and soft-spoken principal’s eyes sparkle and light up when she starts talking about Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari’s students, “We sometimes act as their substitute parents. We try our very best to instill discipline and a sense of responsibility in them. In the short time that they are with us, we also guide them to be independent with a loving and caring disposition.”


“The most rewarding and satisfying aspect of our profession as caregivers and educators is the time when a child comes up to you and just whispers a simple “Thank you.” These two little words mean so much as they are filled with the child’s innocent sincerity and love.”

Welcome to Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari. 




3Q MRC Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari

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