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Turtle sanctuary

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Turtle sanctuary

Essential Details

Admission Fee: Free

Do's And Don'ts : Visitors are prohibited from fishing, jogging, swimming, or engage in sports or games or any activities which can be a disturbance, threat or interference to the turtles landing or nesting spots at the Chendor beach reserved sanctuary area.


Well, it actually started its operation as a small turtle hatchery long ago in 1972.

However, recognising the importance of conserving and preserving the dwindling turtle population, in 1997 the Pahang State Government allocated and set up the new 0.33 hectare site as a center to provide turtle protection and to ensure systematic management of turtles in that area.

The main activities carried out by this Pahang turtle sanctuary center include collection of turtle eggs and relocation to the hatchery as part of the turtle hatching program. The turtle hatcheries can be seen near the beach.

The hatcheries are monitored round the clock with the eggs incubation period of 50-60 days. Turtle hatchlings usually emerge at night, and of course they all look very, very cute.

To prevent them from being killed or eaten by its natural predators like monitor lizards, birds and fishes, the hatchlings are immediately released to the sea.

This turtle centre also carries out research programs on turtles, and provide video shows and information to educate the public and promote public awareness on the critical importance of conserving and protecting turtles.

It was opened to the public on the 1 June 1998, and was officially opened by the then Pahang Menteri Besar, Dato' Sri (now Tun) Haji Mohd Khalil bin Yaakob on 24 September 1998.

Situated along Pantai Chendor, the sanctuary covers an area of 0.33 hectares, affording protection to the turtles landing and nesting sites stretching 3.5 kilometers of the beach.