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Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya

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Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya
Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara Jaya

Essential Details

Centre's Category: Nursery

Student Age Group: 2.5 - 4 years old

Program / Teaching Method: Montessori and Trilingual Thematic Curriculum

Medium of Communication: English

Average Class Size: Nursery – 2.5-4 years old (1:12)

Available Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia & Chinese

Facilities: Outdoor playground

Meals Provided: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

Operating Hours: Monday To Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Editor's Review

Peter & Jane Kindergarten, Damansara JayaActive participation, playful exploration and confident experimentation in Peter & Jane Kindergarten enable children to acquire knowledge and skills that will serve them well both in school and life. READ FULL REVIEW


Cultivating a Life-long Love for Learning

Peter & Jane Kindergarten was founded in 1982 as the pioneer of preschool education in Malaysia with a strong focus in offering quality and holistic early years education for children aged 2.5 to 6 years old. Backed by a reputable legacy in curriculum excellence, the kindergarten has since grown from one to several centers across Klang Valley, meeting the popular demands of the local community.


Over the last 38 years, we have helped innumerable children enjoy their learning journey and paved the way for making the most of further education. Today, our alumni not only make us proud by leading a successful life themselves but have also come to us to enrol their children into our programme. This stands as a firm testimony to their faith in us and our teaching methodology.


Programmes Offered

The programmes offered in Peter & Jane evolve with progressive R&D and are in line and have exceeded in most aspects of MOE requirements for early childhood education in Malaysia. Adopting global best practices, the Peter & Jane curriculum and in-house trilingual programme offer a unique learning journey encompassing the balances between play and academic excellence to prepare children for admission to international, private and government schools.




(2.5 – 4 years old)

The environment set for the children spells MONTESSORI. Through working with didactic Montessori learning materials, children are stimulated to acquire new concepts and knowledge. Activities such as arts and craft and cultural events are included to boost creativity and aesthetics in children. At a young age, we also help children to develop moral values that would shaped their character in the future.



(5 – 6 years old)

The programme prepares the children for a smooth transition from kindergarten to primary school. Children build on their skills acquired in the nursery programme and at the same time begin their formal mastery of reading, writing and arithmetic. The programme, though teacher-directed, remains child-centered.



How Are We Unique?


Trilingual Exposure

Research shows that children pick up languages easily when they are young. At Peter & Jane, they are exposed to three languages (English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia) which prepares them for life in a multi-ethnic society.


Thematic Learning

There are different themes each term to help children with their concentration and focus during learning. It is a holistic learning in an environment that encompasses cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, creativity and spiritual development.


Innovative Study

Peter & Jane aims to stimulate children’s development in all areas through music acquisition as it increases intelligence, defines personality and keeps the brain healthy. On request, "Music Circle" was specially designed by Musikgarten (USA) to suit our children and all the music teachers are trained to ensure the music lessons carried out professionally.  



Moulding Personalities 

Like our core values, children are respected as an individual and treated with dignity. They are encouraged to explore their potential and all their interests, make their own choices, nurture independence and confidence from a young age. 


We look forward to meeting you and your children!