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Profile Description

Paragliding is the simplest form of flying and a natural way to get high in sky!
Developed from ram air parachutes by some smart guys, the paraglider is a foot-launched inflatable wing which allows good pilots to fly more than 400 kilometers and climb up to more than 6000 meters.

Tandem flying is the easiest way to see and learn more! It is exhilarating for inexperienced people who want to feel the flying fever at least once in a life time, irrespective

This is a Tandem Paragliding Experiences. It is designed for flying with up to 240 kg of load. You sit in a comfortable harness, attached to the paraglider and our instructor who will take care of everything. If you are brave enough you can control the paraglide yourself... or just enjoy the view and take some photos. After you experience it and you wish to pursuit onto this sport and became a certified paraglider. You are welcome to sign up the Student Pilot Course later.

Easy to launch, control and land, and portable in a rucksack it has something for everyone: ridge soaring for relaxation, adrenaline rushes for addicted pilots, fashion equipment for fussy guys, beauty and freedom for all of us.

But remember: everyone who lives dies; yet not everyone who dies, has lived. We choose flying not to escape life, but to prevent life from escaping us!
Our instructors are excellent cross-country pilots, proven in competition and in record breaking.

Depending on your level of experience they will help you improve your:
Thermalling techniques;
Flight planning and tactics;
Pre-flight and inflight decision making;
Cross-country speed to fly;
Glide efficiency;
Post-flight analysis;
Understanding the sky.
Rules of the air:

Remember that gravity is not just a good idea, it's the LAW. AND, it's not subject to repeal!

Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory!

It's always better to be down here wishing you were up there than to be up there wishing you were down here!

You start with a bag full of luck and an empty bag of experience. The trick is to fill the bag of experience before you empty the bag of luck!

Good judgement comes from experience. Unfortunately, the experience usually comes from bad judgement!

Learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make all of them yourself!

The air does not know you are an expert. Turbulence is Nature's way of reminding us we are not birds!

You're not a real pilot until you have to hitchhike back to the Landing Zone!

The site working really great today is always at least 100 kilometers away. You should have been here yesterday!

Work is permanent, good flying weather is transitory. Work is for people who don't fly paragliders!

Package Includes:
1. Theory of aerodynamics and introduction to micrometeorology
2. Rules of the air
3. Theory of soaring flights
4. Complete Paragliding Gears
5. Safety Paragliding Knowledge
6. Thermal ling technique, Cross-Country theory and weather forecasts.
7. Variometer, GPS, radio on site

1. Two (2) ways transportation to meeting point (Optional)
2. Personal Insurance Coverage
3. Meals

Group Size:
Minimum: 4 Participants
Maximum: 10 Participants

Safety briefing will be conducted on land before participants take-off.
Participant must follow all safety instruction at all time.

What to Wear & Bring
2. Long or short sleeved T-shirt; long pant and anything comfortable.
3. High cut boot or Sport shoes.
4. Straps for spectacles or goggles for contact lenses
5. Sun Screen Lotion and Basic Toiletries
6. Sun glass or cap
Tandem Paragliding Itinerary

Afternoon Session Only

Time 1:00pm (Tandem Paragliding) Meet at Meeting Point in assigned fly zone!

Time 6:00pm Activity end!
If weather is not suitable for the take-off. We will reschedule the paragliding activity to next day or other date and agreed by both instructor and participants. (Please read our term and conditions)

From 1pm to 6pm.