iCan Creative Education - Bercham, Ipoh

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iCan Creative Education - Bercham, Ipoh


BENEFITS of our programme

1. Enable to recognize thousands Of words in Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia within a year.
2. Develop the ability to read fluently in all 3 languages in able to build up their confidence before entering primary school.
3. Proficient in basic calculation.
4. Equalize the usage of the right and left brain.
5. Increase memory presentation, focus, thinking skills, Creativity and emotion management.

Our Specialities

1. Individual teaching.
2. Learning 40 categories(more than 4000 pieces )of Mandarin, English, Maths… e-flash cards.
3. Teaching encyclopedic knowledge with Multimedia.
4. Exciting Children's Picture Book Story.
5. Sensory integration activities.
6. Creative programmes.