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Butterfly Farm

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Essential Details

Parking Facilities Nearby: Parking is free.

Admission Fee: Adult : RM15
Children : RM8

How To Get There: GPS location : N2.299988,E102.312412


Imagine a place where you are surrounded by hundreds of colorful butterflies where flowers burst with colors and life. Watching these butterflies dance in the morning sun with water trickling over the garden stones will remind you just how simple and beautiful life can be. Where the passion is for butterflies, here in the Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary, our newly launched butterfly garden offers you the perfect ticket to relaxation – a retreat everyone will enjoy.

Today, the Melaka Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary is home to more than 20 different species of butterflies, including the Black and White Helen (Papilio nephelus), Malayan Birdwing (Troides), and the Malaysian National Butterfly, the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing – the butterfly that was named after Sir James Brooke, the Raja(King) of Sarawak.

You will feel like Alice in Wonderland watching these magnificent creatures performing their daily routine over the inviting flowers that blooms by hundreds and filled with the magical nectar. For butterflies’ lover, this aviary is not a spot to be missed!