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Mandarin Teacher @ MyGenius Kindergarten, Eco Sanctuary ( Full Time )


Job Introduction


We are an expanding education group who strongly believes in good values and culture. We genuinely care about our teachers like a family and want them to succeed together with the company. Our team is the embodiment of our Culture of Respect, Caring, Integrity and Responsible. Our supportive working environment is one that is filled with fun, respect and care. We provide very competitive remuneration package and real career progression plan for our teachers.

Job Description

- 负责辅导和教育小孩
- 确保学生的安全和卫生。
- 为学生准备课程计划和学习目标。
- 按照预先制定的教学大纲计划,安排和进行课程。这包括促进小孩发展的活动。
- 为孩子们创造一个有趣和快乐的学习环境。这包括使用科技器材和音乐作为教具。
- 灌输良好的道德价值观,并在孩子中树立良好的品格。
- 记录和跟进学生的学习进度并提供反馈。
- 课堂和课程管理。
- 与同事和家长建立并保持良好关系。

- Responsible to educate and care for children
- Ensure the safety and hygiene of the children at all times
- Prepare lesson plans and learning goals for the children
- Plan, develop and conduct lessons in accordance to pre-established syllabus. This includes activities for the development of the children
- Create a fun and joyful learning environment for the children. This includes usage of technology and music as teaching aids
- Instill good moral values and build good characters among the children
- Record and track children’s learning progress and provide feedback
- Classroom management
- Build and maintain good rapport with colleagues and parents

Job Requirements

- 拥有幼儿教育或教育/教学相关领域的文凭/学位会优先考虑。须有至少一年相关工作经验。
- 我们正在寻找具有亲和力,能自我激励,能随机应变,富有创造力,和热衷于教学的人士成为我们团队的一员。如果你有干劲并愿意接受挑战,本集团将提供优厚的薪金与佣金配套, 绩效奖金, 花红, EPF, SOCSO, 午餐, 津贴, 勤工奖,员工制服, 长期稳定和职业发展的机会。
- MyGenius 让你有在我们的集团内学习与工作,提供多元化的职业机会和更高的职业阶梯去攀登。优秀的员工将有机会在集团内部达到院长,经理或以上职务。
- 如果你有享受学习之旅和希望在教育事业有一个很好的发展,就来加入MyGenius吧!我们可以将为你提供一个合适的就业机会!

- Diploma/Degree in Education/Teaching/Training or equivalent. Early Childhood Education preferred. At least 1 Year of working experience in the related field.
- We are looking for candidates who are passionate in early childhood education and who are fun-loving, self-motivated, adaptable and creative to be part of our team. We provide excellent remuneration package, performance bonus, EPF, SOCSO, meals, result oriented and hard work reward, allowances, uniform and a long term stable career.
- MyGenius provides training and learning opportunity and various career advancement opportunities, allowing performing staff to be promoted to principal and other managerial level.
- If you enjoy the learning journey as much as we do and want to build a BRIGHT CAREER in education, we have just the right opportunity for YOU!

Salary Range

RM2,200 - RM3,000

Mr Tan
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MyGenius Kindergarten, Eco Sanctuary

No. 30, Jalan Eco Santuari 8/1B, Eco Santuari,

Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor 42500

011-2626 8321 (Mr Tan)