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Want to be a Montessori Teacher? Here’s What It Involves

by on 25/08/2020 5617

Before we dive deeper into how to become a Montessori Teacher, we should probably get to know a bit more about what the Montessori method is.

The Montessori Method of Education is a child-centred learning approach developed by an Italian physician, Dr. Maria Montessori, in the early 1900s. Today, it is one of the world’s most popular early childhood curriculums.

The main philosophy behind the method is this: the child is a keen and curious learner, capable of self-directed learning at his or her own pace, in an environment that is supportive and thoughtfully prepared.

Montessori classrooms are usually easy to recognize, with kids of different ages interacting in the same environment, working either independently or in groups—and using specially designed learning materials.

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A Montessori Teacher’s Key Tasks and Responsibilities

Want to be a Montessori Teacher? Here’s What It Involves

So, what are some of the daily tasks of a Montessori teacher?

Here are a few common duties:

  • Observing, supervising and guiding children in all areas of learning such as academics, behaviour and independent living
  • Maintain a safe and clean learning environment
  • Develop lesson plans to work on children’s educational targets
  • Track children’s progress and fill in reports
  • Care for the overall well-being of children
  • Maintain good communication with parents regarding their child’s progress
  • Take part in school events or activities, and accompany kids on field trips

Qualifications Needed to Get Hired as an Educator

The minimum qualifications needed to teach in a Montessori preschool are an SPM or GCSE certificate. However, many preschools would want at least a diploma in early childhood education, or a bachelor’s degree in any field. It’s best to check with the preschool you’d like to work with.

Where to Train for Montessori Teaching

Want to be a Montessori Teacher? Here’s What It Involves

If you’re really interested in becoming a Montessori teacher, it is advised to take a diploma or degree in Early Childhood Education. Segi University is one of many local universities offering certifications in this area.

If you can afford to go overseas, both Montessori Centre International (MCI) and Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) are great options. They are respected worldwide for their authenticity and high standards—plus, taking their courses could open up more opportunities for working internationally. MCI also offers a Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy that can be taken online.

Teacher Traits and Skills that Schools Look Out For

Want to be a Montessori Teacher? Here’s What It Involves

Ms. Toh Chaz Yee, principal at a Montessori certified preschool, says that a good Montessori teacher must have the analytical skill to understand the relationship between the Montessori teaching philosophy and the manipulation of apparatuses (learning materials). She or he has to be able to see from the young child’s perspective, as this is how lessons that are interesting and relevant to children can be created.

Montessori teachers should also have self-motivation and passion to be innovative, in terms of teaching while understanding the developmental stages of children. Last but not least, patience and love for teaching young children is a must- Ms. Toh Chaz Yee

For preschools that use English as their main medium of communication, a high level of English proficiency would serve as a great advantage.

Salary Range of a Montessori teacher

The salary can vary depending on the preschool you’re hired by, and where it is located. A fresh graduate’s monthly salary can begin from RM2000++. The amount will also be influenced by the experience, skill level and qualifications you have. As a general rule, the more experienced and formally educated you are, the higher the salary!

Preschools in Malaysia You Can Apply to Work at

Want to be a Montessori Teacher? Here’s What It Involves

There are many Montessori childcare centres, preschools and kindergartens across Malaysia. Keep in mind, though, that not all preschools are genuine Montessori schools!

Here are some preschools that you, an aspiring teacher, could potentially work at:

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