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Indoor Playgrounds in Klang Valley

by on 08/03/2019 10697

Do you remember the first few memories of yourself as a child? We’re pretty sure the memory that stands out for you would be along the lines of a game or anything that involves you playing with toys. Let’s face it: children learn and remember best when they’re playing, especially if it invokes their 5 senses. However, the notion of play does not have a fixed time attached to a child’s mind, so you may not know when they might be playful!

What’s a parent to do when such a situation happens and you’re nowhere near your home or a playground? For instance, you and your family could be out and about when your child suddenly insists on having a go on a bouncy castle. Or that time when you and your kids are all set for a leisurely jog at the park, but a heavy downpour mysteriously appeared!

Instead of scratching your head for an answer, you could drop by a few playgrounds to save the day! Let’s have a look at some of the playgrounds in Klang Valley that you could check in with your kids. *Hint: some of them are free or cheaper than you think!

1) Jungle Gym @ Atria Shopping Gallery

Image taken from Jungle Gym

Boasting one of the largest playgrounds in town, Jungle Gym spares no expense in creating a fun-filled concept to ensure that the kids receive mental stimulation while they’re playing! Catered for children from the age range of infants to mid-teens, this playground boasts no limits. Just cruise along there, and you’re bound to see kids of every age having the time of their lives! While toddlers and babies share toothless grins with one another in Babyland, older children will pick their battles in a special place called Funland!

If your child is the type who loves arts and crafts or simply cannot keep their hands and legs away from touching anything, get them to try out activities like making a photo frame, bookmark or even playing with sand in this playground! If you feel like a movie time is a much-needed break and your child would like to watch one of the older movies, fret not! Jungle Gym also has a movie room with various movie collections and aptly enough, it’s called Ohana. (Yes, they do make relevant references to stir the parents’ childhood memories as well!).


2) We Rock The Spectrum Kid’s Gym @ Evolve Concept Mall, Petaling Jaya

We Rock The Spectrum Kid's Gym, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya

We Rock the Spectrum (WRTS) Kid’s Gym is an indoor playground that is specially designed for families with special needs children to have fun together as a family. With the befitting tagline; “Finally a place where you never have to say I’m sorry”, reflecting a major relief for a lot of parents with special needs children as their kids finally have a place to be themselves without having to worry about apologizing to other parents. Every piece of equipment and toys available in the gym is exactly what you would find in a typical occupational therapy session, which makes it perfect for children to have fun while gaining the benefits of therapy!

Apart from deploying the open play concept with adult guardian’s supervision and well-trained staff assistance, WRTS allows you to bring your own therapist and create a specially designed program for your child using their equipment. Including fun activities like Ninjakids, Dance Class, School Holiday Music Camp that are suitable for all kids, WRTS also organizes monthly educational talks on various special needs related topics for parents, with the emphasis of autism awareness as its main mission. Are you planning for a special needs field trips, a private playdates, or an exclusive birthday parties where your guests can enjoy the gym all to themselves? Leave all of the decorations, catering even to invitation cards to WRTS’s hands as you are in the right place!


3) The Kids @ The School by Jaya One

Image taken from TimeOutKL

A huge indoor playground located in Jaya One, it boasts many fun activities to cater to both the younger and older children. The Kids have certainly made it attractive and eye-catching with themes of bright colours like green and yellow. While some playgrounds only welcome children, this playground accepts both parents and children!

This playground boasts many trampolines, bouncy castles, mazes, and even arcade games to play with! If your child is independent enough, feel free to just sit down, relax and unwind in the playground! While your children are running, bouncing, dancing, and climbing to their hearts’ content, why not enjoy a nice massage with the massage chairs provided in the playground? Oh; and did we mention that there is absolutely no time limit for you to use those chairs? Just as long as you keep your eyes open while you unwind, you’ll be able to keep a watchful eye on your children. Rest assured that the place has been secured with fences to prevent children from escaping and wondering about the mall without their parents. But hey, if you have the energy to spare, do join in the fun with your child and watch their frowns turn upside down in this playground!


4) Harimau Mini Golf @ Nexis, Kota Damansara

Image taken from Harimau Mini Golf

Humans need change, and children are no exception to that. After all that bouncing and jumping on a trampoline, your child would probably want to try something different. They may want to be involved with the play that requires a little bit more focus, accuracy and precision. If they fancy a world of fun and frustration, then this is the place for them. Harimau Mini Golf is catered for individuals between the ages of 6 to 60, so age is of no limit for anyone to have a fun time here!

Apart from not having to break a sweat under the hot sun, you could try out various weird and challenging obstacles available in this playground! You don’t have to wait for the holidays to begin before you can try out these places. Bring your family along now and just bask in the quality time with one another!


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