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Helpful Tips To Help Your Child Through IGCSE Exams

by on 08/07/2023 1026

No matter the age of the student, exams can be very stressful. Most students experience pressure from a few weeks before the exam date and continuing through the exam. Moreover, every child wants to do better than their classmates or, at the very least, their performance on the last exam.

Although completing the syllabus is important, making the most of the available time is equally important. While some children can manage their time and academics effectively, they do need a little assistance from you to be more successful in what they want to achieve. You can accomplish a lot more as a parent than you might think.

Here are a few initiatives that you can do to keep your child interested in their education without overtaxing them.


Provide Support During Early Preparation

The greatest method to help your child manage things is to teach them the advantages of preparing early. Explain that putting off preparations until the last minute will only backfire and cause further stress.

To manage their time successfully, start by assisting your child in creating a schedule. Assess the number of subjects and the days that your child has before the examination. After that, make a plan for their study time accordingly. Additionally, be aware of the necessity to devote more time to some subjects than others.


Help Organise The Study Area

Above everything else, setting an atmosphere is crucial. Children can quickly become restless shortly after the preparation begins. Another problem with youngsters is distraction.

Set up their study place first. Keep distractions to a minimum and keep it as structured as you can. Keep all electronics out of the room when kids are studying at a desk. Additionally, ensure the space has enough light and a comfy chair to help with concentration.

You can also assist them with the preparation of handouts with written chapter summaries. These could serve as a last-minute reference.


Plan For The Old Papers To Be Used In Practise

One efficient exam preparation method is practising and reviewing past exam papers. Not only does it assist your child in becoming accustomed to the structure of the test questions, but it also teaches them how to manage their time.

Past test questions are available from any of the following:

  • Your child's teacher
  • Library
  • Internet learning resources


Set Study Objectives

Having a study objective is crucial for every study session. It makes it easier to keep track of what's required to be researched and revised. At the start of each session, sit down with your child and make a list of the objectives. Alternatively, prepare one at the end of the study session to be used the following day.

Here are some examples of study objectives you could develop for your child:

  • Spend time on at least five problems or questions and their solutions
  • Write a summary of 5 to 6 chapters
  • Recognise the fundamental ideas behind what you learned in school


Set Up Study Sessions With Friends


Organising study sessions for your child with a school friend is another thing you can do to help them prepare for exams.

These sessions are intended to give children an opportunity to share their experiences and learn about complex ideas. They also assist children in challenging themselves to continue working towards their objectives.

However, it's crucial to watch out that the kids don't waste their time and concentrate on preparation.


Assist Them In Comprehending Their Learning Style


The fact that each child is unique means they will all have different learning styles. Knowing your child's preferred learning style is vital as a parent. For example, do you realise that your child listens to music frequently? If so, an individual learns best through hearing things. Consider encouraging your child to record the notes so they can be listened to on the go.

Introduce visual learning activities into your child's life if they prefer them. It is easy to locate numerous platforms that offer educational content. The idea behind developing a learning style is to make memorising facts and important concepts easier.


Promote Consistent Intervals

Hours of study don't inevitably result in a fruitful session; conversely, it makes the session unproductive. Your child can become too exhausted to remember anything. As a result, it's crucial to request that they take rests periodically.

In addition to helping the mind stay sharp, this is crucial for information retention. Every child is unique, as was previously mentioned. Therefore, urge them to take breaks at times that suit them best.


Discourage Your Child From Cramming Information

Never make your child stay up all night to memorise the facts. This leads to the following:

  • Sleep deprivation
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

The revision should stop the day before the exam and consist of tasks like:

  • Going through the notes
  • Practising the key ideas
  • Setting the alarm
  • Assembling the study resources

Finally, encourage your child to reach out for assistance whenever necessary, whether it is from you or a teacher at school, for an issue that is beyond their scope of comprehension.


Supporting Your Child During Crucial Moments Like This Is Vital

It's easy to assist your child in getting the greatest value out of their test preparations. But keep in mind that every child is unique, so some things might work better for your child while others won't. To find what works best for your child, it is essential to investigate all of your options.


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