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Exclusive Q&A with Disney’s Art Attack New Host - Marco M. Borromeo

by on 03/05/2015 7371

Marco M. Borromeo is the brand new host of Disney’s Art Attack! Hailing from Cebu City, the Philippines, 32-year-old Marco is a familiar face who models and hosts various programmes and events in his home country.

Join Marco and unleash your inner Picasso with everyone’s favourite art show! Now in its fourth season, Disney’s Art Attack is the award-winning program that has introduced millions of children to the joy of art. manage to do an exclusive interview with the host to learn more about him and the program.



What can we expect from this new season of Art Attack?

New art works and of course, lots of fun!


How do you feel being selected for this enviable job – to play and have fun teaching arts and crafts to children?

It feels awesome! A whole bunch of us grew up watching this show and now I’m actually on it! Also the timing is doubly awesome because I’m about to be a father and am looking forward to teaching my child these crafts!


What is your most memorable and challenging moment when doing the show?

Everyday was awesome…but I’d have to pick the first day. I remember walking into the huge set and it was only then that it really hit me… “I’M on Art Attack… I’m THE Art Attack guy.”


Do you feel a show like Art Attack really helps in nurturing a child’s creative mind? How so?

Yes, of course! It helps by teaching kids simple ideas and methods in art; the more they watch and learn, the more comfortable the kids get with art and craft.


Do you believe in cultivating creativity amongst children through art? If yes, how can this be done?

Yes, I do! When kids watch Art Attack and participate in the creation of the many artworks we have, it gets their creative juices flowing and that’s a great thing! It’s hard for most adults to get creative later on in life because we have many responsibilities and are mostly too busy to nurture that part of us. So yes! If we start them young, their creativity will grow as they do!

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Where do you look for inspiration when you want to create new arts and crafts?

Oh, the sources are almost limitless! It’s in everyday things and situations that we experience, that’s why sometimes our artworks are more than just decorative pieces but functional stuff as well!


Some parents feel helpless when trying to teach their children art or drawing because they can’t draw anything but a stick figure. What advice would you give to these parents?

I would advise them to watch the show with their kids. When parents and children learn together, I think that’s a recipe for family bonding and fun!



There’re some kids who are talented in art, however, those who are not talented might not want to learn because they’ll feel inferior about their ability. How do you encourage the normal and average kids to get interested in learning and exploring art?

I would tell them this: the only reason others seem better at ANYTHING is because they’ve spent more time and effort doing and learning it. Get your feet wet first and start small. ALL artists, even the great ones started somewhere! I myself started by copying Marvel playing cards on my notebooks. I did it SO many times that eventually I didn’t need to copy them anymore and could do them myself! I was 8 years old at that time ;)


Who’s your favorite artist and why?

Oh, there are too many to choose from. But anyone who uses their creativity to create art and share it with the world is ok in my book.


Tell us a funny art and craft story from your childhood (e.g., your first craft that looks different than what you’ve expected).

I once made a picture frame out of newspapers, color and glue. The funny thing is, my mom still has it displayed in my parents' home and has a picture of me in it!

The new season of Disney’s Art Attack with Marco as its new host will be premiering on Disney Channel (Astro Ch 615) from 9 May 2015, every Saturday and Sunday at 12noon