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Disney Junior - September TV Highlights

by on 25/08/2015 4347

Disney Junior (Astro Channel 613) is bringing you some exciting and fun-filled programmes this September! Don't miss it!

DJ Shuffle

14 to 23 September, Every Monday and Wednesday, 10am, ASTRO Channel 613 (encore same day 7pm)

September is an exciting month on Disney Junior! Get your little ones up and shuffling to their favourite Disney Junior music all this month in the DJ Shuffle!

Encourage your kids to get involved with Disney Junior’s music and to let them make their own versions of their favourite Disney Junior songs. Upload videos of you and your children singing and dancing on our brand new Disney Junior Shuffle microsite:

Be sure not to miss the SPECIAL PREMIERE of Sofia the First “The Enchanted Feast” on 14 September, Monday at 10am, where Sofia learns from Disney Princess Snow White to trust her instincts, and forms a team with Clover, Cedric and Wormwood to protect her magical amulet and save her family.

Also, look out for the Family Day Sing Along from 10am on Saturday, 26 September, showcasing all the episodes from DJ Shuffle together with Frozen sing-along music videos!

It’s going to be a musical month right here on Disney Junior!





Doc McStuffins Pet Vet **BRAND NEW EPISODES**

4 September, Friday, 10am to 11am, ASTRO Channel 613 (encore same day at 1.30pm, 4.30pm and 8pm)

The Doc is in! Catch two BRAND NEW EPISODES back to back of Doc as a pet vet in “Fetchin’ Findo/A Dragon’s Best Friend”- where Donny's new toy dog, Fetchin' Findo, stops doing what he does best, fetching and Doc needs to find out what’s wrong with the little pup. Then, catch “Three Goats A ‘Cuddlin’/ Swimmer’s Belly” and join Doc on more pet vet adventures! It’s going to be a fun time for your little one right here on Disney Junior!





Pluto’s Birthday Take-over

5 September, Saturday, 7am, 3.30pm and 7pm, ASTRO Channel 613

Celebrate everyone’s favourite pet dog’s birthday with Pluto-centric episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse through the day! It’ll be a birthday celebration to remember, right here on Disney Junior!






The Furchestor Hotel **CHANNEL PREMIERE**

From 7 September, Every day, 12.30pm, ASTRO Channel 613

The Furchester Hotel is owned by a monster family called the Furchester-Fuzz Family. The Furchester-Fuzz Family alongside Elmo and Cookie Monster will work together to solve different issues that are created by the hotel guests. Will they succeed? Tune in to Disney Junior with your little ones to find out!





Movie of the Month: Pororo The Racing Adventure

9 September, Wednesday, 3pm, ASTRO Channel 613 (encore next day at 8am)

Curious little penguin Pororo and his friends accidentally cause an airplane to make an emergency landing in their home of Pororo Village. On the airplane are some turtles being shipped to Northpia to deliver ice sleds, or racing ice cars. Pororo and his friends believe that the turtles are racers, and the turtles end up giving the gang at Pororo Village some lessons and passing on the championship spirit.