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Discover the New Era of Lego® Friends: Unleashing Children's Creativity Through Imaginative Play

by on 20/09/2023 1130

Unlocking the potential of learning through play is the ultimate approach to nurture children's growth. For kids aged 6 and above, the LEGO® Friends range offers a remarkable opportunity to cultivate their interpersonal skills and enrich their emotional awareness through role-play. Endearing mini doll figures alongside animals, various vehicles including boats and cars, and captivating locations such as vibrant markets and beaches, facilitate the reenactment of real-life scenarios. Furthermore, select sets encourage children to explore environmental issues like tree planting, wildlife conservation, and the use of electric vehicles. Children will be captivated by the diversity of LEGO® Friends doll sets, and they can even combine different sets to construct an entire Friends community, fostering limitless imaginative play!

At Kiddy123, we had the chance to play with the new LEGO Friends Newsroom Van set, designed for ages 6 and up. The LEGO Friends universe has expanded to introduce new characters and locations, inspiring even more role-play adventures. This creative set provides children with countless imaginative play opportunities and inspires them to explore how news is reported. It comes with beloved LEGO Friends characters Aliya, Peter the logger, and Darrel, who is protesting the tree being cut down.

“My daughter and I spent hours acting out stories and recording the news time after time,” said our customer service personnel. “We were both captivated by the engaging features it offers. For instance, the tree branch can be cleverly knocked down, leading to the egg's fall from the nest, all while the extendable camera crane captures these thrilling events. It's truly a platform where my daughter got to unleash her creativity and embark on endless newsroom adventures. The set is generously equipped with accessories, including a walkie-talkie, microphone, an owl with an egg, and even a sign.”

“Aliya, the hardworking reporter, is dedicated to bringing the latest news to the community center. Inside the van, we found everything Aliya needs to craft and share her news stories, from screens and lights to cameras, microphones, a notebook, and a pen. After capturing the story, we then immersed ourselves in the role of editors and broadcasters, moving Aliya to the control room within the van. With 2 mini-dolls, 1 micro-doll, and a plethora of accessories, this set provides endless opportunities for imaginative play and storytelling."

This LEGO Friends set truly is an ideal gift choice for children who have an interest in filming and reporting local news.

Welcome to the new era of LEGO® Friends!

41734 LEGO Friends Sea Rescue Boat

  • Ages: 7+
  • Info: Kids who care about the natural world can learn about ocean life with this detailed LEGO® Friends Sea Rescue Boat toy building set for ages 7 and up. The set comes with a buildable catamaran that doubles up as a laboratory, plus a small submarine toy. Kids can act out sea rescue stories as they roll the boat over the trash to capture it in the boat’s nets, ready for recycling. Nova and Aliya didn’t think that they had much in common with one another but are becoming closer as they take on this shared mission.
  • 717 pieces
  • RRP: RM419.90*

41736 LEGO Friends Sea Rescue Center

  • Ages: 7+
  • Info: Kids ages 7 and up who love animals can act out ocean stories with this LEGO® Friends Sea Rescue Center (41736) toy. The set comes with 3 mini-dolls and 2 sea otters, a seahorse and a sea turtle, plus lots of accessories to inspire pretend play. Kids can use the water scooter to pull up to the dock, then head inside to clean, x-ray and feed the otters. Then they can help the otters slide into the rehabilitation area. When the otters are well again, they can swim back into the ocean. Accessories include a life vest, feeding bottle, walkie-talkie, treasure chest, camera, computer, microscope, syringe and an X-ray machine.
  • 376 pieces
  • RRP: RM239.90*

41737 LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park

  • Ages: 12+
  • Info: This LEGO® Friends set has been designed with older kids in mind and offers an advanced building challenge with lots of fun details. Kids aged 12 and up who love problem-solving can stretch their skills as they build all the features of the LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park (41737) toy. This set includes LEGO Technic™ elements, which give this impressive build added movement and realism. There’s a carousel with a double rotation function, a wave machine with a moving surfer and a shooting gallery game where the 2 rows of targets move from side to side in opposite directions. The set also comes with 4 characters so kids can create different scenes to show off their build.
  • 1348 pieces
  • RRP: RM469.90*

41748 LEGO Friends Heartlake City Community Center

  • Ages: 9+
  • Info: Kids ages 9 and up can explore creative hobbies at the LEGO® Friends Heartlake City Community Center (41748). The levels of the toy building can be rearranged so kids can tailor the build. Songwriter Paisley loves to hang out in the music room. Olly spends time in the recording studio, while artistic Liann feels at home in the art studio. Over in the chill-out zone, gamers Nova and Zac can enjoy playing video games. Kids will love exploring the friendship stories through the different areas. The set comes with 6 mini-dolls, a pet dog and lots of accessories. The set combines with the LEGO Friends Heartlake City Community Kitchen (41747) for even bigger stories.
  • 1513 pieces
  • RRP: RM679.90*

41749 LEGO Friends Newsroom Van

  • Ages: 6+
  • Info: Kids who love role play and wildlife will find lots of inspiration in this LEGO® Friends Newsroom Van (41749) set for ages 6 and up. Hardworking Aliya is committed to reporting the latest news for the community center. Inside the van there’s everything Aliya needs to create and share news stories, including screens, lights, cameras, microphones, and a notebook and pen. Kids can tell the unfolding story as a logger arrives to cut down a tree. After filming the story, kids can move Aliya into the control room inside the van to edit and broadcast the news. The set comes with 2 mini-dolls, 1 micro-doll and lots of accessories.
  • 446 pieces
  • RRP: RM149.90*

41757 LEGO Friends Botanical Garden

  • Ages: 12+
  • Info: Inspire kids to learn more about plants and flowers with this detailed LEGO® Friends Botanical Garden (41757) set for ages 12 and up. The set comes with 3 characters and lots of accessories. Inside the toy greenhouse, kids will discover a variety of exotic plants and flowers – all inspired by real-life plant species. Butterfly lovers will appreciate the transparent dome, which has a rotating function that allows the 4 butterflies to fly around – just like the butterflies in a real botanical garden. Kids can enjoy a rewarding project assembling all the details of this striking model before placing it on display in celebration of their love of the natural world.
  • 1072 pieces
  • RRP: RM419.90*

*The determination of the retail price(s) is at the sole discretion of the distributor or retail partner.