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11 Best Educational Cartoons for Kids That Also Teach Good Manners

by on 23/04/2020 17639

These educational animated shows will surely be fun for the whole family!

Your little one's fast developing brain doesn't just flourish inside the four walls of a classroom, even TV time can help the learning process while keeping them entertained! We previously took a look at some of the best animated shows for preschoolers. Now, let's find out what the best cartoons for kids are once they enter the school age years.

Parents and educators of school aged kids — those between 5 and 7 — are more focused on honing their math, reading, and writing skills. They use these skills for thinking independently as well as problem solving.

Who says your kid's downtime can't boost their IQ? Ahead, we have gathered some of the best cartoons for kids aged five and up that parents will enjoy, too!

11 Best cartoons for kids aged 5 and up

1. Sesame Street

best cartoons for kids

Screenshot: YouTube

Generations of children — many of whom are now mums and dads — grew up with this children's show. But more than just giving us memorable characters and unforgettable episodes, this show is one of the most educational ones ever produced.

A past study found that kids aged three to five who watched this show had a more extensive vocabulary by the time they reached high school. What's more, kids who watched Sesame Street when they were younger had higher grades in science and were more voracious readers. They were also described to be more creative by their peers. 

2. Tayo: the Little Bus

korean cartoon

Screenshot: YouTube

This charming Korean cartoon is growing in popularity — and with good reason! Not only does it teach good values, like kindness and valuing friendship, it introduces kids to real life skills. These include obeying traffic rules and prioritising safety. 

“While it focuses more on life skills and less on 123 and ABC basics, my two-year-old boy and I both like it. My son fell in love with the wheels on the bus song and of course loved Tayo,” writes a mum and educator in a review of Tayo on Common Sense media.

3.  Mister Roger's Neighbourhood

best cartoons for kids

Image source: Wikipedia

This beloved classic series teaches kids simple ways to use their imagination. It also teaches social skills through everyday situations. The main messages of the show, according to Common Sense Media, are respect, self-esteem and social responsibility. 

Using make-believe and fun music, Mister Rogers teaches kids how to value honesty and friendship. He also teaches them how to overcome their fear or deal with complex subjects like divorce or losing a loved one. Very young kids might need guidance when it comes to complex subjects, however, but the show strives to depict these concepts in the simplest way possible. 

4.  Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood

best cartoons for kids

Screenshot: YouTube

Much like its predecessor Mister Roger's Neighbourhood, this series also teaches social strategies in a fun and gentle manner. The show also teaches kids how to embrace and handle their emotions based on their age.

Parents will love how this show constantly celebrates friendship and family bonds, as well as how it teaches simple life skills useful during the preschool stage and beyond!

5. Word Girl

best cartoons for kids

Screenshot: YouTube

This fun animated show focuses on enriching the vocabulary of their young viewers. It stars a smart heroine who, by the power of her wide vocabulary, outsmarts villains and saves the day!

More than teaching kids what words mean, Word Girl also helps them pronounce complex words. However, some parents don't think very young kids can watch the show because there is some cartoon violence. But many parents recommend it for those who want to expand their child's speaking skills.

6. Sid the Science Kid

best cartoons for kids

Screenshot: YouTube

Though recommended to kids as young as four, this animated series can teach kids of all ages how to be excited about learning and discovering the world around them. 

Using music and humour, this show will pave the way for a love for science at a young age. This inquisitive but fun way of thinking can help hone kids' intellect as well as their creativity. So it's a win-win. 

7. Nutri Ventures

best cartoons for kids

Image source: Nutri Ventures Facebook page

This unique animated series fosters healthy eating habits and good nutrition in kids. Do you have a picky eater? This show might help boost their appetite!

But more than just teaching a love for good food, this engaging animated series is geared towards teaching kids to value health. In this day and age, where fast food and junk food reign supreme, it truly helps to teach kids to love healthy eating at an early age. 

8. Arthur

best cartoons for kids

Image source: Facebook

Recommended for kids above the age of five, this charming cartoon tackles social situations, like sibling arguments, but presents it in a light way.

The titular character is as charming as he is curious. Arthur openly addresses his anxieties while remaining determined to solve his problems in a creative way. Kids can learn a lot from him about how to navigate friendships and how to overcome fears.

9. Elena of Avalor

best cartoons for kids

Images from Elena of Avalor Facebook page

Featuring a feisty but kind Latina princess as a great role model, this show focuses on teaching kids about the value of friends and family. 

While it doesn't directly teach kids, good values, like honesty and kindness, can still be inferred through watching Elena go off on her adventures. Sure, she might be impulsive at times, but she means well.

This show can also help expand your child's concept of diversity, as it celebrates Latin culture through song, dance, and the Spanish language.

10. Dora and Friends: Into the City

best cartoons for kids

Screenshot: vimeo

This spin-off of the popular series Dora the Explorer follows Dora into her school-age years. Themes revolve around friendship as well as community service and creative problem solving.

Parents and kids will love how Dora and her friends are good, hard-working role models devoted to making their hometown a better place in their own little way.

11. Cyber Chase

best cartoons for kids

Image souce: Velhos Tempos Facebook page

This engaging animated series recommended for kids aged fiveand above focuses on math skills and practical problem solving. With brainy characters, who are also good role models, this show imparts that collaboration and using your intellect in a positive way is truly powerful. 

This article was first published on theAsianParent.