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Sinar Ceria Therapy Centre, Wangsa Maju

No. 6-1, Jalan Wangsa Delima 2A,
Sec 5, Wangsa Maju,
Kuala Lumpur 53300
03-4143 5XXX
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Profile Description

" Every Child Is A Miracle "


Sinar Ceria was founded on 1st June 2012 by 2 partners with the experience of more than 30 years in early childhood and 12 years in Special Needs Management.


Focused on both Early Intervention Programme (ages 2 years- 6 years) and Middle Childhood Programme (ages 7 years - 12 years).


Our therapy programme are specially designed individually to fit different cases.


Programme offers are as below:

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy for Peadiatrics

Behaviour Modification

Daily Living Skills

Learning Difficuties

Counselling for Parents

Mon : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tues : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wed : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thurs : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Fri : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Sat : Closed
Sun : Closed
Public Holidays : Closed

Other Details

Age range : 2 - 12 years old

Language : English , BM , Mandarin

Helpful Reviews (5)

Puan Nur Amanina rates this listing with

Alhamdulillah dalam tempoh 6 bulan Awra menjalani terapi di Sinar Ceria, nampak ada perkembangan yang positif. Dulu Awra tidak boleh berdiri atau merangkak cuma mengengsot sahaja dan banyak baring daripada duduk. Sekarang otot kaki Awra dah semakin kuat, sudah boleh imbangkan badan, berdiri dan boleh memanjat ke atas sofa sendiri.

03/10/2019 - 05:38 pm


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Mdm Zohra Jabeen rates this listing with

I have a 21 year old daughter who attends Sinar Ceria Centre from past 6 years.  My daughter is non-verbal and is severely Autistic.  Sinar Ceria Centre have helped her improve basic day to day skills. Their approach is practical. They are not only professional but work with passion and love,  and this is why my daughter and other kids love to attend their centre. I am very grateful for all the help they have provided over the years.  Thank you

03/10/2019 - 05:36 pm


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Puan Jun Izwana rates this listing with

Hana, anak perempuan kami, adalah anak istimewa autism. Hana, sekarang berumur 9 tahun, sudah bersama Sinar Ceria sejak umur 3 tahun lagi. Berdasarkan daripada pengalaman kami, Sinar Ceria adalah pusat terapi yang mempunyai program intervensi awal yang komprehensif di dukung oleh cikgu-cikgu (barisan terapis) yang berpengalaman, berdedikasi, ceria dan sangat penyayang. Cikgu-cikgu sanggup untuk ‘go extra mile’ untuk memastikan perkembangan murid-murid berada ditahap optima. Yang paling penting kami merasakan yang anak kami berada di tangan yang selamat dengan cikgu-cikgu yang boleh dipercayai dan sangat ikhlas. Pusat terapi ini adalah juga tempat yang selamat dan selesa dari segi kemudahannya dan kaedah pengajaran yang sangat bagus dan sistematik. Disebabkan keikhlasan dan sifat penyayang para cikgu, kami sudah anggap cikgu-cikgu Sinar Ceria seperti keluarga. Selama Hana mengikuti program-program di Sinar Ceria, kami sangat berpuas hati dengan perkembangan Hana. Hana telah menunjukkan perubahan yang sangat ketara dan positif kalau dibandingkan dari waktu mula-mula hana masuk dulu. Alhamdulillah, kami sangat berterima kasih pada cikgu-cikgu di Sinar Ceria atas usaha dan keikhlasan mereka untuk membantu dalam perkembangan Hana.

03/10/2019 - 05:33 pm


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Mdm Chin rates this listing with

感谢Sinar Ceria为特殊孩子们提供不一样的学习环境。谢谢老师们的爱心,细

03/10/2019 - 05:29 pm


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Puan Salmah rates this listing with

My daughter who is experiencing autism (moderate) being here from 2017, she shows great progress. She becomes more stable emotionally and more cheerful. From a child who always cries every morning when sent to her previous EIP,  who does not provide cooperation and always threw tantrums to a more responsive, cheerful and positive child, now she is able to do most of the table activity in the therapy setting. Definitely, Sinar Ceria is a wonderful therapy center, run by teachers and positive therapists, passionate about providing guidance to every special needs child. They are loving kind of teachers. Relatively an affordable centre compared to other centers surrounding here, yet the program can be designed and tailored to suit our special needs children and your financial situations.
To me, seeing my daughter happy is a joy to me. Seeing her progress good to better every day is a bonus. Seeing her perform better than expected is a double jackpot. It is my hope that this center will be able to grow in line with the needs of today's special community, which the ratio of autism is increasing. The passion and love that every teacher and mentor here shows is so special and not likely to any other EIP. May the SC continue to thrive and provide the best benefits to any kids with special needs learning and programs. Thank you

03/10/2019 - 05:27 pm


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