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What is Neurofeedback?


Neurofeedback or Biofeedback is a technique used to train the brain to manage and improve its ability to regulate bodily functions and to protect itself. This in turn allows the central nervous system to function in an optimum state.


Specific painless and therapeutic exercises for the brain via ElectroEncephaloGram (EEG) is utilized and it involves monitoring the person’s electrical activity generated by brain cells or neurons.


When the brain is not functioning in an optimum state, it is often evident in an EEG as Neurofeedback displays the actual state the person’s brain is in.


Brainwaves are best described by their amplitude, the index of strength or intensity shown by the height and the cycles per second measured in Hertz (Hz). Brainwaves are the result of neurons firing at different intensities and rates in different areas of the brain relating to the kind of activity being performed.




Introduction of Company


NeuroScience® is a brain training program which is suitable for “ALL” children, teenagers and adults. It can help to enhance a person intellectually and psychologically, leading to a better and more fulfilling life.


NeuroScience® “real time” program trains specific regions of the brain to function efficiently via information presented in the form of proprietary developed games. With regular participation, brainwaves activity can be conditioned to generate predetermined results whilst inhibiting undesirable outcomes.


NeuroScience® collaborated with Brain Technology Korea to develop a high technology brain training tool and joined with the USA, Germany and Australia to exchange advanced technologies and theories in brain science.


NeuroScience® is available in Korea, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Malaysia.


We have more than 50 training centers in China.

Our center in Malaysia is established since 2012 and in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) since 2014.




Operating Hours


Monday to Thursday    10:00am - 7:00pm


Friday                            10:00am - 5.00pm

Saturday                        9.00am - 4:00pm


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Other Details

Provide Meals: No

Transportation Service: No

Student Age Group: 3 years old onwards

Program / Teaching Method: NeuroFeedBack or BioFeedBack

Medium of Communication: English, Chinese, Bahasa Malaysia

Class size: Max 3

Helpful Reviews (15)

Parent of Yong Wen Ling rates this listing with

1. 我孩子在2岁时被医生判断她是自闭儿。她完全没有语言沟通。
2. 在她还没上Neuroscience,NeuroFeedback Program 之前,她是很难跟外人沟通,说话不准和情绪化。
3. 我孩子在每星期来上五天课。
4.我发现孩子上了这个Neurofeedback Program 后,我们觉得孩子比较多话了。孩子也比较会说出自己要的东西和说的话也较准确。
5. 我的亲朋好友也发现孩子也比较会表达自己要的东西,还有比较懂事些了。
6. 我们也感到非常好奇,这 Neurofeedback哦可以在很短的时间里看到一些成绩。

14/03/2019 - 02:13 pm


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Parent of Yong Wen Xuan rates this listing with

1. 我大概在我孩子2岁就肯定我女儿有自闭症。然后,我马上带我女儿去马大医院做 checkup。报告出来的结果,也就是我的判断“自闭症”。
2. 自从我女儿上了Neuroscience Program 之后,我可以看到她比较容易控制稳定和听话。
3. 我一星期来四次做治疗。
4. 在做 Neuroscience Program 之间,学校老师突然问我是否有给孩子用药物吗?因为孩子在学校最近都很乖听话。
5. 孩子的爸爸觉得孩子也比较稳定和听话。爸爸也比较敢带孩子出去,因为她比较易控制。
6. Neuroscience 和 Centre 让我感到孩子还有期望和希望。

14/03/2019 - 01:52 pm


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Parent of Lim Xin Yu rates this listing with

1. 我的女儿今年11岁,9岁时,学校老师发现她上课不能专心,学习能力慢,说话做事都没信心。
2。 上了Neuro Feedback 之后,我发现她很多话,说话也很大声,比较有信心,她说的还加入了很多我们之前没有听过的词语,人也开朗许多。
3. 一个星期3次。
4. 上了大概七/八堂课之后,就发现她的改变,话多了,也大声了,更开心了。
5. 小孩的爸爸也发现她比较有信心,会自动去参与与其他小朋友玩,有时候还会问些以前不曾问过的问题。
6. Neuro Feedback 的确有改善孩子的问题,这边的老师都很好,以改善孩子的问题为前提。

14/03/2019 - 01:43 pm


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Amy rates this listing with

My sons's name is Jibril Amiri. He is 5 years old turning 6 this August. Jibril was about 18 months when I saw him spinning around while we were at a mall in Madrid. That was when I first realised that he had shown signs of a child with autism.
Before joining Neuroscience, Jibril couldn't really follow instructions and was less verbal. He is still non-verbal but he has spoken more words now. He attends Neuroscience 6 times a week but has been reduced to 3 times a week towards the end of the course.
The first few changes that I noticed since Jibril joined the program was that his sleeping patterns improved and he is more calm. After a few months, he could follow simple instructions and had better eye contact.
I like Neuroscience and the center because it has offered a therapy that has improved Jibril and our lives that no other therapy centers here done before.

14/03/2019 - 01:31 pm

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Parent of Tay Zi En rates this listing with

1. 我的孩子今年13岁,当她12岁的时候性格比较不会表达自己,没信心,对于处理事情比较没有耐心。
2. 上了Neuro Feedback 之后,她的情况就渐渐改善。
3. 一星期四次。
4. 现在我发觉她的性格比较开朗和有信心表达自己。老师们也觉得她社交能力增强。
5. Neuro Feedback 改善我孩子,非常感谢 Joyful Academy Centre。

14/03/2019 - 01:26 pm


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Tang Zi Cong's Parent rates this listing with

1. 我的孩子今年9岁,当他8岁时,专注力比较比较弱,学习力不集中。
2. 上了Neuro Feedback 一段时间, 他的情况有改善。
3. 一星期四次。
4. 现在他的专注力及学习专有进步,老师说他有心学习听讲,老师也开心。
5. 感谢Joyful Academy Centre.

13/03/2019 - 04:13 pm


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Parent of Mostapha rates this listing with

My son was 6 years old when he joined the Neuroscience. We were on vacation when I found the program. it helped my son to follow instructions.
Before he joined the program, he wasn't able to follow orders. He attends 6 days a week. We noticed that he is listening more and more attentive.
His daddy was able to have conversation longer, and telling him what happened today - all his activities, because his father was not around as he is long distance.
What I like most is that it makes you feel home, very friendly people and good program.

13/03/2019 - 04:05 pm


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Mrs Sau rates this listing with

My son is 9 years old this year.
1. At 2 or 3 years old, doctor said maybe my son had mild autism.
2. After 16 classes, he can express himself better. Can absorb better when I teach him.
3. One week 4 times.
4. After 4 modules, I feel he really improved a lot in learning and social skills.
5. This centre can help my son a lot and the teacher's patience, and concerns are good.

13/03/2019 - 04:01 pm


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Parent's of Hector rates this listing with

We noticed a difference in Hector around age 4. He lacked eye contact and was not communicating verbally. His teachers in school also highlighted this difference to us.
Currently, Hector attend Neuroscience twice a week. Initially, he seemed more focused and attentive, later on we noticed that he is more responsive when we talk to him and he is also more deliberate when he initiates verbal communication with us. His eye contact has also improved.
We appreciate Neuroscience for providing a non-drug therapy to help kids to become more mindful and alert. It has helped us communicate and bond us parents and child.

13/03/2019 - 03:45 pm


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Bapa Daniel rates this listing with

Nama anak saya Daniel Iqram dan berumur 12 tahun. Semasa anak saya berumur 5 tahin, anak saya telah diserang demam sawan (fits) dan setelah diperiksa doktor telah memberitahu bahawa dia mengalami autism dan ADHD.
Semasa menjalani rawatan neurofeed back, saya dapati banyak perubahan, salah satunya dia dapat fokus daripada beberap perkara seperti duduk diam.
Setiap kali anak saya hadir di kelas ini, sebanyak 3x dalam seminggu.
Pada pandangan saya, semenjak dia menghadiri kelas ini, dia tidak aktif seperti dulu dan banyak duduk seperti kanak-kanak lain.
Apa yang saya suka mengenai program ini, setiap tenaga pengajar amak peramah dan mesra antara satu sama lain dan ada tanggungjawab mengajar dan mendidik anak seperti ini dengan rasa ikhlas hati.

13/03/2019 - 03:27 pm


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Parents of Chan Yik Jaw rates this listing with

My son age 12. He has low confidence and inattentive. He comes 3 times a week.
He is more calm and can pay more attention after joining this program.
Teacher says he can understand more while learning.
Neuroscience program is good.

13/03/2019 - 03:16 pm


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Parent of Aida rates this listing with

Neuroscience - Pleasant environment, clean and warm atmosphere. Aida loves to go to the centre. She enjoys the program because it allows her to progress at her own pace. She has improved a lot since she started taking the program at Neuroscience. She is more attentive and focus. Her memory and learning ability improved a lot.

13/03/2019 - 03:11 pm

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Balti rates this listing with

Amsyar mula masuk kelas Braintrain pada tahun 2015, pada umur 4 tahun. Saya mula mengesyaki Amsyar ada masalah perkembangan tumbesaran kanank-kanak pada usia 2 tahun setengah. Amsyar mendapat pengesahan dari Dr. pakar kanak-kanak pada Januari 2015.
Pada awal penyertaan Amsyar di Braintrain, Amsyar sangat susah dikawal, tidak faham arahan, tiada focus, tiada minat pada orang keliling, sangat takut tempat orang ramai.
Pada awal penyertaan Amsyar, saya hantar 4 ke 5 kali seminggu. Kesan paling ketara selepas masuk kelas ini, Amsyar sudah mula berani di tempat awam. Waktu belajar Amsyar boleh duduk dengan cikgu tanpa bantuan saya, sudah mula faham kepada arahan yang mudah.
Saya suka anak saya belajar di sini kerana saya tidak terikat dengan masa. Cikgu sangat baik terhadap anak-ank saya. Sekarang kedua-dua anak saya sudah menyertai kelas di sini. Kelas ini sangat sesuai untuk kanak-kanak yang normal dan kanak-kanak istimewa.

12/05/2017 - 04:56 pm

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Ying rates this listing with

I found Russell was different in development at the age of 2 but was only diagnosed as slow learner 2 years later.
Apart from learning disabilities, he was also diagnosed to be epileptic, ADHD, autistic and struggling with maths. It's a challenge to keep him to stay on the task and to remain focused even for a short span. His challenges also caused him to have low self esteem and unmotivated.
Russell started Neurofeedback with 3 sessions per week. After his brain injury caused by an accident in Aug 2015, we sent him to Joyful Academy (NeuroScience) daily for about 4 months. He had improved noticeably in his ability to focus and memory. He is about to sit through his other training and lessons in school. He has also become calm and more willing to cooperate and compromise. He is definitely more initiated with any learning opportunities ie asking for drum and karate classes.
We are very blessed that the staff and teachers at NeuroScience has shown vested interest in helping Russell in his journey, ever so encouraging and accommodating. We consider this as a provision from God in preparing Russell for the fruitful life He has planned for him.

27/04/2017 - 10:37 am

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Annonymous rates this listing with

My child is now 6 years old. He has a behavioral problem, can't express himself very well, hyper active and lack of eye contact. Now, after sending him to Neuroscience for 3 weeks, he is able to control himself and can start following up some simple instructions. He is more settled down, follows instruction and has more eye contact. The teachers in the center are very helpful and are able to share their experiences and opinion in taking care of a special need kid.

The only drawback we face is the distance and parking issue.

17/04/2017 - 01:48 pm


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