Nanny's Preschool & Kindie, Seri Kembangan

No. 51, Jalan PP 53,
Taman Pinggiran Putra, Seksyen 2,
Seri Kembangan, Selangor 43300
012-627 7XXX
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We are an activity cum academic based Kindergarten, specifically catered for Parents that are looking for early childhood education with lots of LOVE, CARE and FUN. Started for MOTHERS by MOTHERS with a variety of programs that caters to different interests/needs of children, mainly applying Montessori concepts.

Our programs include, International English, Mandarin, Tamil, Science Club, Creative Art, Water Play, ABRSM Piano lessons, Music & Movements and Aerobics. We provide small class based teaching environment.

We believe in what the hand does, the mind remembers. Therefore the kids will be given ample of hands-on apparatus to understand each concepts.

We ensure the process of learning is fun and cultivate the love for learning.


Editor's Review

Nanny's Preschool & Kindie, Seri KembanganNanny’s Preschool & Kindie, Seri Kembangan, provides whole-child education and daycare for young children ages 3 to 6. A loving 'second home' for kids, created by mothers for mothers. READ FULL REVIEW

Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Centre's Category: Nursery, Kindergarten, Daycare

Student Age Group: 3 - 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 7:30 am - 7:30 pm

Program / Teaching Method: Activity-based (Montessori)

Language Classes: Mandarin, Tamil, English, Bahasa Malaysia

Medium of Communication: English

Class size: 3 years old 1:6 ; 4-6 years old 1:10

Facilities: Outdoor Playground, Reading Corner, CCTV.

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Norulhuda Ali rates this listing with

Today Sis Ngah has an activity for chocolate ball. This activity is among the initiatives of teachers at Nannys Preschool Kindie for daycare students, but because of PKPB activities are still underway despite learning from home. Teachers here are very committed, although PKPB children's activities are still full and there must be a Google Meet session every day. Tuesday and Thursday there are additional activities for students who have daycare at school before this. Even teachers can attract students attention. In 30 minutes the kid can focus on listening to the teacher teaching in front of the laptop, if it's me, start poking there, look here, go to the toilet.
When sis Ngah has activities, the most excited person to do is the person beside her. No matter what sister's activity is, she's busy joining. Like never been in kindergarten.

It's good for activities like this, there's a lot of skill learning they get. It's fun to do activities from doing nothing during this PKPB. But the mother has to be monitored because she fights a lot from working together. That's also one of the skills. social skills.

Alhamdullillah, even though sis Ngah has a face to face for only a few months, but there are many changes in sis Ng What I didn't expect most is, turns out that this online learning also has an impact on children.

20/11/2020 - 03:59 pm


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Parents of Matthias rates this listing with

Matthias 很喜欢 Nanny's Preschool, 在这里有他喜欢的老师和朋友。在老师的鼓励下,我们看见他的成长。 从胡乱的涂鸦到现在用心的画画, Matthias 还得到Nanny‘s Preschool 的 The Best Artist Award!
我们很喜欢Nanny's Preschool 有趣的 Science Class, 在这里没有死背活记, 因为老师用心准备活的植物和鱼类让Matthias看,摸和喂养。
We like Nanny's Preschool.

01/10/2020 - 05:10 pm


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Parents of Sherlock rates this listing with

Sherlock is a transfer student. He just joined Nanny's Preschool for a few months. Although the attendance rate is not high, but he has started to speak simple English with me, even at outside too. This is surprised me a lot.
Because Sherlock is Taiwanese, so we more focus on English. I hope to have a diversified language in Sherlock's growing environment, so that Sherlock daddy have confidence in Malaysia education.
We hope that children can learn in a happy environment, play and fun is a feature of Nanny's PReschool. Performing in Annual Concert 2019 made me discover my son talent, Sherlock now likes to go to school and happy on it, he's also start doing things independently. I am very grateful that the teachers have the patience and love, it is not easy to meet the responsive teachers, especially, thank you Teacher Yen.
Continue in year 2020, I hope Sherlock can let me see more surprise or transform.
Grateful to all the teachers and Nanny's Preschool.

01/10/2020 - 05:02 pm


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Parents of Issac rates this listing with

We sent Issac to Nanny's since he was 18 months old. We felt so relieved and grateful that we found Nanny's a best place for Issac to grow up all these years.
Indeed, Nanny's always nurtures the children with love, care, patience, and fun. Academically, it is surprised that Issac can master very well in most of the subjects under the balance syllabus provided by Nanny's. He is able to learn through fun activities but at the same time able to build on a good academic foundation. Lastly, what i love most about Nanny's is their acceptance of multi-racial culture where Issac learns to loves his friends from different background and races. Through that, he learns to respect others and become a loving person. As he is graduating this year, we will surely miss Nanny's a lot.
Thank you so much to Nanny's and all the teachers!! For words will not be able the express our gratefulness.

01/10/2020 - 04:48 pm


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Parents of Yan Xin rates this listing with

Yan Xin 是在她3岁时就读了Nanny's Preschool. 当初我会选择Nanny's 的原因是小班制。 由于孩子刚接触新的环境,新的人,孩子都会比较焦虑。 小班制的策略让老师更能专注地教导孩子。 Yan Xin 在 Nanny's Preschool 两年了, 她不但学了一些学习上的知识,也学了一些生活上的自理能力。由于 Nanny's Preschool 是以 montessori 的教学方式, 让Yan Xin 学会了生活技能,现在的她会自理自己,也会主动的帮忙做一些简单的家务。
Nanny's Preschool 是用英文教学的,当然4岁的时候,Nanny's 也会开始让孩子们开始接触中文,国语和淡米文,让他们在上小学时做准备。 由于日常的教学和沟通的方式以英文为主, 只有4岁的Yan Xin 是可以用很流利的英文和别人交流。
真的很感谢 Nanny's Preschool 里的每一位老师,他们都很有爱心和很用心的去教导每一位学生,让每位学生都很快乐的学习, 成长着。 Nanny's Preschool 是一所值得推荐的启蒙学校, 好的学习环境,好的老师, 绝对是父母的选择。

01/10/2020 - 04:39 pm


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Parents of Huang Hong Yoon rates this listing with

A creative, fun and happy learning school with Montessori concept.
My son are happy and a lot of progress. Teacher are with heart and passionate.
Thank you. Appreciated the time and teaching.

01/10/2020 - 04:22 pm


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Parents of Isabella & Issac Chan rates this listing with

我们有两个孩子,女儿 Isabella Chan 今年六岁和儿子 Issac Chan 今年四岁。
我女儿从四岁就开始在 Nanny's Preschool and Kindie 上学。 在她学习的路上, 我可以看到她在语言,学习, 品行上不断地进步, 令我感觉欣慰。 我儿子是个天性开朗和爱玩的小孩。这学校不是一味地注重考试成绩, 而是用活动教学和蒙特梭利教学法是很适合他的。 他可以从教学活动中学习, 并不一味着死背书。
在这学校,他们认识不同种族的朋友,可以提早学习各族的文化和相处之道。 他们也常用英文沟通交流,对他们学习英文有很大的帮助。

01/10/2020 - 04:20 pm


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Parent of Constance Jane rates this listing with

Prior to enrolling into Nanny's, Constance was a very, very timid girl which got us worried. She would shy away when in public. And to get her to greet people is like cutting steel with a scissor.
Eversince She joined Nanny's Preschool, she has built her confidence even to the extend of speaking in public during the recent concert. She had also learned to be the very best in what she does and tries to be competitive in a positive way.
She has also learned about compassion, friendship, focus and improved her communication skills. Such things are some of the tasks that we as a parents are struggling with embedding them in our child.
Kudos to the team of teachers and caretakers of Nanny's. It is truly a home for the children for their enrichment and nurture.

01/10/2020 - 04:10 pm


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