Headstart Academy, Shah Alam

Lot 3F-23A & 3F-25, 3rd floor, SACC Mall, Jalan Perbadanan,
Shah Alam, Selangor 40000
03-5524 1XXX
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03-5524 1711 / 012-885 5572 Please mention you got this contact number from Kiddy123.com

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Headstart Academy was founded by a parent of an autistic child. We provide a premier early intervention program combined with multi-disciplinary therapy services for younger children with special needs. We utilize a proven international curriculum, delivered by our experienced and fully-trained academic staff at our premier facilities.


Our flagship Academy spans over 10,500 sq ft of space specifically designed for children. We offer learning, therapy and play - providing a balanced approach for each child to learn in a fun and conducive environment. Our premium facilities include spacious classrooms, an impressive 2,000 sq ft Occupational Therapy Gym, therapy rooms, a Snoezelen sensory room and dedicated areas for arts & craft, music, dining and changing room/toilets.


As part of our engagement with the special needs community, we sponsor space for Autism Cafe Project (ACP) at our lounge area where families can come and enjoy the food and drinks served by special needs youth. Headstart also provide our facilities to be used for special needs community programs organized by Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated.



Editor's Review

Headstart Academy, Shah AlamThe main purpose of Headstart Academy is to see special needs children graduate into mainstream schooling and be able to cope, academically and socially as well. READ FULL REVIEW

Monday to Friday : 8.00am - 6.00pm
Saturday to Friday : 10.00am - 6.00pm

Other Details

Age range : 2-17 years old (Age group will differ to the program that we offered at Headstart Academy)

Facilities : Fully air-conditioned school, gymnasium, therapy rooms, spacious classrooms, snoezelen sensory room, dedicated arts and craft, music, dining area, CCTV in the common areas and changing room/toilets.

Helpful Reviews (6)

Mr Steven rates this listing with

“Hi just to let you know jaimie is progressing very well through headstart”

24/10/2019 - 04:13 pm

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Pn Safiqah rates this listing with

“Aidan started his eip program in May 2019. After 5 months with Heastart, i can see a lot of improvement in his speech, social skills & behaviour.

1. Started using full sentence when making request.

2. Brushes teeth the correct way

3. Able to answer simple questions

4. Able to follow simple instructions

5. Started to play in group especially with cousins

6. Lesser time to put on clothes

7. Able to differentiate emotions & show empathy

8. Able to behave when in public

Apart from that

1. Very demanding since he knows how to request for things

2. Impatient at times”

24/10/2019 - 04:12 pm


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En Shamsul Rizal rates this listing with

“Yes Imran is progressing well and has change tremendously after attending headstart”

24/10/2019 - 04:11 pm

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Pn Syaira rates this listing with

“As for our son, there is a lot of improvements that we can see from him. He is now more independent and aware of the surrounding. Aryan is more cheerful and loves to play with other people instead of only with us and his little brother. We always wanted the best for our son but we are happy more than words even the smallest of improvements from our son. We are glad and so happy that we found Headstart! Thank you to all the teachers! You guys are more than awesome!”

11/10/2019 - 01:09 pm


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Puan Salizawati rates this listing with

“Aisyah suka berjalan dan berlari non-stop kalau takde aktiviti duduk.(table task atau makan). Tak reti penat. Selain tu dia suka melompat atas katil atau trampoline. Kebanyakan budak-budak autism memang ada ciri-ciri ni. Tapi BUKAN semua ye. Last week, entah macam mana dia terjatuh katil masa lompat. Jarang berlaku sebnrnya. Kdg2 sbb berlari pun boleh terlanggar dinding sebab tak sempat berhenti. Masa jatuh katil tu bibir dia pecah sikit, keluar darah banyak. Dia takut jugak. Esoknya, masa kat sekolah kami bagitau cikgu. Nak minta tolong cikgu behaviour dia ajar macam mana nak bagitahu Aisyah bahaya lompat katil dan jatuh. Sebab budak-budak ni kebanyakkannya tak faham bahaya. So cikgu dia minta kami bagi gambar katil dan keadaan bilik. Ingatkan cikgu just nak ajar Aisyah aje. Rupanya dia siap buatkan buku ni utk ajar Aisyah di rumah dan cikgu ajar di sekolah jugak. Serius, sangat puas hati dengan sekolah ni. Memang nampak sangat cikgu-cikgu dia semua sangat bersemangat nak ajar budak-budak macam Aisyah. Memang bayar mahal, tapi semua ni bergantung pada inisiatif cikgu jugak. Ada sekolah biasa-biasa tapi cikgu bagus jugak. Semua tu rezeki. Buku ni kena baca selalu dengan Aisyah supaya dia paham. Tq @headstart.my ♥️”

08/10/2019 - 02:10 pm

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Pn. Rosediana rates this listing with

“At Headstart, Adam had his first glimpse of a normal life that he will embark in the future. A place of miracle that take place everyday. With the vast experience, perseverance and love of Headstart’s teachers and therapists as well as its’ world class facilities, Adam and his friends had bonded and changed together for the better almost daily. Every first word, every dancing steps and every wave of hands bring smile, laughter and tears of joys to mummy and daddy. My Adam can’t be in any better place than Headstart Academy”

04/10/2019 - 12:09 pm

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