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Happy Bear Preschool (Tadika Rimba Ilmu), Selayang

No. 37, Jalan SJ 20, Taman Selayang Jaya,
Selayang, Batu Caves, Selangor 68100
03-6735 4XXX
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03-6735 4342 / 016-323 5559 Please mention you got this contact number from

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Happy Bear Preschool provides a happy learning environment for young children.

Happy Bear Preschool adopted the Thematic Montessori approach. We provide a holistic learning in early years. We believe in development and laying the foundation of learning for life. Happy Bear Preschool is a great place to GROW. Your children are our children.



Class Size


2 years to 3 years old - 1 Teacher : 8 Students


4 years to 6 years old - 1 Teacher : 15 Students



Editor's Review

Happy Bear Preschool, Taman Selayang Jaya

Happy Bear Preschool, Taman Selayang JayaA HAPPY sanctuary of knowledge, love and laughter amidst the hustle and bustle of Taman Selayang Jaya. An ideal environment whe... READ FULL REVIEW

Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: No

Centre's Category: Nursery, Kindergarten, Enrichment Class

Student Age Group: 2 - 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 8:30 am - 5:30 pm

Operating Hours (Saturday): Closed

Operating Hours (Sunday): Closed

Program / Teaching Method: Montessori, Thematic Approach

Language Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese

Medium of Communication: English

Facilities: Outdoor Playground, Reading Corner, Science Corner, Montessori Corner

Helpful Reviews (7)

Wendy - mother of Hillary rates this listing with

A RIGHT choice is much more important than BEST choice. As a parents, we always use our point of view to choose/ give the best our child. In fact, we only can help our child to get a right platform & let them to experience all by themselves. Thus, my spouse & I spent about 6 months’ time to do survey & visit to few preschool together with our child until we met HAPPT BEAR PRESCHOOL (HBP).
HBP  a seemingly inconspicuous school, in fact it bring lots of amazing & surprise to parents & children!
HBP is a licensed kindergarten which official register with Ministry of Education (Malaysia).
Our child is currently in HBP & experience since 3 years old. Thru the solid Montessori & Thematic academic that provided by HBP, she has groom up with an independent thinker with well selfconfidence, good character & responsibility in student.
During the schooling, we closely notice that principle, each teacher & all staff at HBP are so lovely, caring, honest & willing spend time patiently to interaction/ communicate/ encourage parents to be involved devoted to the progress of our child (very quick respond with all our inquiry/ ask for help).
The location & environment of school is welcoming, hygiene infrastructure is fine, campus is very peaceful, facilities is well maintained & best thing which is our biggest concern of safety has definitely been handled well by HBP team!
Our child very enjoy the healthy cook meal with less salt & no MSG (Breakfast: fresh fruits, Lunch: rice with soup/ porridge/ noodle, Tea Time: sandwich/ bread/ boiled eggs, variety sweet soup (red, green bean/ sweet potato/ barley) which serve in HBP. Her appetite gain lots after engage with HBP. As we know candy & chocolate are still not suitable to take during pre-age stage & we feel very excited when found out that HBP are supportive in anti-junk food! That’s a bonus for us!
In HBP, we impression that they are not to make every children to be same, but to delivery every children different.
Our experience convince us that HBP is the right choice we could have made for our child. It’s worth the investment that you might hard to find better.

09/08/2019 - 03:33 pm


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Rosy Lim - Mummy of Brayden Chai rates this listing with

It was my first time enrolling our boy to pre-school in 2018 and I had indeed a tough time deciding which school to go for. I went around asking for opinions and advices from friends and was lucky to be recommended Happy Bear Pre-school.

Like most kids, before joining pre-school, my boy was being taken care by a nanny. Nanny’s as usual do not teach much but resort to using TV to entertain my boy and to let him play with whatever he could find. Sad to say, at the age of 32 months, my boy still speaks very minimal and generally do not like playing with other kids. When I first sent him to HBP, I was a bit worried that he might not be able to cope but he proved me wrong. I was very happy that I could see a drastic change in him after attending school within the 1st month. He has improved a lot and he is now very independent and confident in his speech. He has also learnt to make new friends and is excited to go to school and learn new things each day. I believed all the pre-school programs and the teachers’ guidance has helped him a lot and I truly appreciate all efforts of the HBP teachers. A big thank you to all the teachers of HBP, we are so glad we found you!

09/08/2019 - 10:39 am


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Cayzer & Gina rates this listing with

What can I say? HBP was in our lengthy survey list. On our first visit, sixth sense signed:" OH!, this is it. Our baby belong here..." The atmosphere, school setup, friendly teachers and welcoming staff captured our attention. That is how our 4 years old baby begin her school journey.

To our surprise, she looked forward to preschool everyday. In fact, feeling excited for "back to school". Always left preschool skipping or humming a tune! This I'm sure, would not be happened without some HBP magic.

For every passing-by of preschool on non-school day, she always proudly present her preschool to passenger in the vehicle without fail. "Look, that is my preschool."

In 1.5 years, noticeable positive energy, school spirit, motivated and engaged teachers. Not to forget, Principal Sheena a.k.a Mama Bear in an action person, hand-on from top to down about works, school and children. In such, relief anxiousness that our little one will be in good hand and supervision. Seeing growth and constant improvement and upgrade on keeping up with rapid change in education trend. "Import" material and adopt new teaching ideas from overseas that giving room for exploration and experiences for all the kids.

What is 'Red Soup"? It is beetroot soup. OMG! I learnt new vegetable in my late 30s. This is one of the favourite soup for my daughter. Delicious with well balanced nutrition.

We are happy to be part of the HBP family.

Please let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation.
- preschool, the facilities providing a fun yet engaging learning environment.
- to all teachers for giving their best education experiences, contribution and kindness.
- for all helpers that giving their love and care.
toward healthy growing of our children.

Great Job, Keep It Up!

09/07/2019 - 03:51 pm


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Nicole rates this listing with

I remembered 8 years or 9 years ago when I noticed that there are some renovations going on at the corner's house near my in-law's place. To my surprise, another preschool! Well, there were a lot of preschools around that area. But something caught my eyes. Not sure if it's the CUTE HAPPY BEAR or the environment I see from the gate that I took a liking of. Anyway, I made a note to myself to have it checked out once my girl reached the age of 3+.

When the day come, me and my husband went to a few preschools but we settled at HAPPY BEAR. The decision that I didn't regret until today. As my girl steps into primary one, leaving HAPPY BEAR was the hardest thing for her. She loves going to HAPPY BEAR! She made friends not only at her age but I believe that all the teachers are friends to her. Academically? I feel that children in the aged of 3 to 6 should have FUN while LEARNING. That's what I see throughout the 4 years in HAPPY BEAR. She comes home with big smiles and happy heart, telling me the story of her friends and teachers and even the helpers which I think is crucial for children to develop confidence and independence. And now my second girl is with HAPPY BEAR just like her big sister.

Why I have chosen HAPPY BEAR? Besides it is clean and bright, all the teachers are happy, friendly and approachable. I never heard once from my girl that she is scared with any teacher. One might say: A student needs to be scared of teachers.But I got to say is: a student needs not fear teachers but respect them, treat them as friends as they are "the other adult" that your children see everyday. HAPPY BEAR teachers treat their students as one of their own, no doubt about this.

I have nothing but praises for Teacher Sheena and her team at HAPPY BEAR. They have done a great job with the children. As what she once said:"A child future is shaped during their early education," what I truly agree and believe.

05/07/2019 - 11:07 am


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Crystal rates this listing with

It is with great pleasure to have an opportunity to write this testimonial for Happy Bear Preschool. Happy Bear Preschool is really a wonderful preschool with friendly, dedicated and caring staff especially principal Teacher Sheena.

The very first day I step into the preschool, I feel the warmth of the staff, and the principal have an initiative to make time to tell you all the little details about your child's activities and progress in school. Through the staff's guidance, we can see the tremendous growth of confidence in the child and most important is that principal Sheena and the her wonderful staff make each and every child feel special and unique by providing them with lots of extra outdoor activities and advanced academic skills needed from preschool to primary and school real life situations. This is what I truly adore about Happy Bear Preschool.

Our daughter enjoyed every day since the very first day she stepped into the preschool and enjoys completing the fun and learning activities given by the preschool and I am proud to say that she can step into primary school life without any hassle and that is exactly what I, as a parent , want for my child.

From the bottom of my heart, we cannot thank the staff enough for the wonderful experience the school has provided to my child. A big thank you to all.

05/02/2018 - 01:56 pm

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May (mother of Kylie) rates this listing with

School have big and clean classrooms. All the teachers are very nice and friendly. Most importantly, my child loves Happy Bear Preschool and enjoys her school life. She is always happy in school.

16/12/2016 - 01:58 pm

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Mrs Ng (mother of Steve) rates this listing with

The study environment and the extra program provided are very useful and interesting. My child has improved a lot in both English and BM especially in his vocabulary. The year end concert was awesome too! Well done to all teachers.

16/12/2016 - 01:58 pm

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