3Q MRC Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari, Taman Desa

No. 287, Jalan Desa Utama,
Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur 58000
013-388 4XXX
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013-388 4866 Please mention you got this contact number from Kiddy123.com

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Profile Description

3Q™ Junior is Malaysia’s first kindergarten school that utilises the proven 3Q™ system. Children will learn using the most effective study tools that synchronises their left and right brain development to nurture whole brain development. 
The program provides 9 different subjects according to age, ranging from 3.5 – 6 years old, and is divided into three different age groups (J2 – J4). Each semester requires 5 months to complete.

Features of the course:



  • 3Q™ English
  • 3Q™ Bahasa Malaysia
  • 3Q Chinese
  • 3Q Mathematics + 9-Bead 
  • 3Q Science
  • 3Q Music
  • 3Q Moral
  • 3Q Art
  • 3Q Circle Time
  • 3Q Smart ME

Educational Related Services

  • 'V care' After School Care
  • 3Q™ Kids international talent competitions 
  • The challenge of 9MI


  • Talent Development 
  • Flazzle Card management system
  • SMM ™ Methodology
  • 3Q system
  • Cartoon animation

Life skill mastery

  • Character building 
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Editor's Review

3Q MRC Tadika Junior Jaya Bestari, Taman DesaTadika Junior Jaya Bestari is a warm and engaging place to be. A place to learn. A place to grow. A place where students, parents and teachers walk hand in little hand through the formative preschool years. READ FULL REVIEW


Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

Centre's Category: Nursery, Kindergarten, Daycare

Student Age Group: 3 - 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Operating Hours (Saturday): Closed

Operating Hours (Sunday): Closed

Program / Teaching Method: 3Q MRC

Language Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese

Medium of Communication: English, Chinese

Facilities: Outdoor Playground, Mini Library

Helpful Reviews (6)

Serene, mother of Jan-Ean Teoh rates this listing with

Thank u Miss Poon and all 3Q teachers for your kind patience, guidance and support for 2 years!

11/12/2018 - 04:59 pm


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Annie Gan, mother of Ashley Kek rates this listing with

3Q MRC syllabus is perfect to prepare my child for primary school in future. Teachers in this school are knowledgeable and patient with kids. I have a peace of mind knowing that my daughter is happy going to school every morning, and it is lovely to see her full of chat and stories when I pick her up after school every day.

11/12/2018 - 04:58 pm


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Eswari rates this listing with

My name is Eswari, the mother of Yaashvin Saravanan, Yaashvin joined 3Q MRC Taman Desa kindergarten in January 2015 when he was 4 years old.
He got to know the alphabets only when he just started his kindergarten. I noticed that he could speak well in English language after a few months in 3Q MRC Taman Desa.
He had a lot of improvement specially in his Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mathematics for the past two years.
Lastly, I would like to thank the teachers that have guide my child with much commitment and dedication.

11/12/2018 - 04:57 pm


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Parent of Chai Cheng Yang rates this listing with

记得四年前,大女儿将要踏入四岁,是时候要找幼稚园了。我带着她一同去了邻近几间询问与看看环境。经过一番考虑后,我们选择了3Q Junior Tmn Desa。屋旁的草场也是其中一个考量因素。这样孩子就不至于每天只对着四面墙上课。
老师们经验丰富,而且很有耐心地教导学生。这里的教学方式都很全面,为准备上华小的学生打好基础,让学生能够比较轻松地面对小一。除此之外,每年3Q都会主办运动家庭日,中秋晚会,concert 等。这些活动能让家长老师学生拉近彼此的距离,也让学生了解华人传统节日。
我小儿子今年也四岁了,他也在3Q MRC 就读。
在此要感谢院长Ms Poon, 全体老师对孩子的教导,也不忘Aunty Kim每天准备美味的食物给学生们。

11/12/2018 - 04:40 pm


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Susan Chin rates this listing with

It is my pleasure to write a testimonial for 3Q MRC Taman Desa. Firstly, I would like to extend my appreciation to 3Q MRC Taman Desa as the teachers are really taking very good care of my two daughters in terms of their early education and childcare.
My elder daughter has been attending 3Q MRC Taman Desa the past two years and I am pleasantly surprised to find that she is now able to converse quite well in English. I’m also glad to see that my second daughter’s grasp of the English language has gradually improved since enrolling her at 3Q MRC Taman Desa at the beginning of 2016. I’m truly impressed!
3Q MRC’s education and reading programmes have given our kids a great start at school especially for those whose parents are planning to send to Chinese medium schools.
My experience with 3Q MRC Taman Desa has been very positive. I really appreciate the fact that when we come in the mornings we are always greeted with smiles and “good mornings” from the teachers. Furthermore, they are so friendly - especially the principal of 3Q MRC Taman Desa, Ms Poon.
In addition, their Holiday Camp Programmes are fun and exciting. These programmes are not only good for the children they also benefit the working parents.
Thank you 3Q MRC Taman Desa for creating a friendly and supportive environment for my children to grow and develop.

05/01/2017 - 06:22 pm


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Chong Siew Ling rates this listing with

Anabel has bonded with her teachers so well and this is only possible due to their love for her and the other children. As parents, we are glad and happy to see that Anabel loves going to school everyday. Anabel has definitely blossomed and she has now become more confident and outspoken. She often shares what she has learnt in school and what she does with her friends.

13/12/2016 - 01:59 pm


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