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Polka Dot Train Studio (Early Childhood Music Specialist, Sungai Buloh) est. 2004

7A & 9A, Jalan BRP 1/3,
Bukit Rahman Putra,
Sungai Buloh, Selangor 47000
012-214 2XXX
Show Number
012-214 2533 (Ms Siew Ling)Please mention you got this contact number from

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Teaching Music, Understanding Children. This is Musikgarten, a respected music and movement program that awakens and develops inborn joy and talent for making music in infants, toddlers, preschoolers and young children. As an Authorised Music Centre for Musikgarten Malaysia, Polka Dot Train Studio offers a spectrum of music classes from birth to 9 years. We begin with Family for Babies and continue through to Music Makers at the Keyboard, the last module  in the Musikgarten program that allows a young child to step across an important bridge from general music learning to instrumentals skill.


Musikgarten modules offered are:


Family Music for Babies ( 0 – 18months)

Family Music for Toddlers (18months – 4 years)

Cycle of Seasons ( 4 – 5 ½ years)

An Introduction to Music Makers at the Keyboard (5 ½ - 6 years)

Music Makers at the Keyboard Years 1 – 3 (6 – 9 years)


In addition to Musikgarten, Polka Dot Train Studio also offers instrumental lessons for children and adults in Piano, Violin, Drum, Guitar, Bass and Ukelele.  Polka Dot Train Studio’s main priority is to instill a love for music in children and adults. However, in the event an assessment of playing skills is requested by parents and adult students, we have a wide range of music examination boards whom we have partnered with in recent years ; namely ABRSM (Associated  Board of the Royal School of Music), Trinity Guildhall, Rockschool, ANZCA (Australia & New Zealand Cultural Boards) and  LCM (London College of Music).


Since our music lessons are mostly conducted using the English medium and also due to requests from parents, we conduct english language classes from elementary to advanced level from age 7 and above. Our TESOL qualified teacher is a consultant for EFL International Education Group, which provides TESOL certification and various enrichment programs for individuals and companies.


All lessons are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers; especially Musikgarten lessons which are conducted by a teacher with 14 years of teaching experience.



Opening Hours


Monday - 4:00 PM to 8:30 PM

Friday - 1:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Saturday - 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

Sunday - 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM


Tuesday - 

Family Music for Toddlers (18 mths to 3.5 y/o) - 8:30 PM (D' Emcee, Bandar Sri Damansara)

Cycle of Seasons (3.5 y/o to 5.5 y/o) - 7:45 PM (D' Emcee, Bandar Sri Damansara)


*D' Emcee Address: No 3-1, Jalan Cempaka SD 12/2, Bandar Sri Damansara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur.

Thursday - 

Cycle of Seasons (4 - 6 y/o) - 2:30 PM (Setiawangsa Public Library)

Friday - 

Family Music for Toddlers (18 mths to 3.5 y/o) - 7:00 PM (Studio)



Cycle of Seasons (3.5 y/o to 5.5 y/o) - 5:00 PM (Studio)

Family Music for Toddlers (18 mths to 3.5 y/o) - 5:45 PM (Studio)


Sunday - 

Family Music for Toddlers (18 mths to 3.5 y/o) - 10:00 AM (Studio)

Introduction to Keyboard - 10:30 AM (Studio)

*Enquiries for Musikgarten Piano Partners or Musicmakers at the Piano are welcomed!

Editor's Review

Polka Dot Train Studio (Early Childhood Music Specialist), Sungai Buloh (est. 2004)

Polka Dot Train Studio (Early Childhood Music Specialist), Sungai Buloh (est. 2004)PDTS belief and vision is to instill a love for music within a family beginning with the child from birth. As a Authorised Musi... READ FULL REVIEW

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Facilities: Performance Room, Practice Rooms

Helpful Reviews (2)

Geena Low Sue Lyn rates this listing with

I started Musikgarten Program at the age of four and I loved it. I looked forward to my lessons because the classes were stimulating and my teacher was attentive as well as fun. Classes were filled with things to look forward too, new songs, dances and the occasional story. I especially loved that my parents were allowed to participate in the classes too, so I could dance with my parents. As I advanced further in Musikgarten, I was introduced to keyboard lessons. The basics taught to me in my foundation has continued to help me in my theory and practical piano practice. Learning with teacher Siew Ling as a child, I found my classes so enjoyable that these memories remained in my memory until now.

Around the age of 13 and 14, at grade 5 my interests changed. I no longer wanted to carry on with my piano lessons. All my lessons were focused solely on examination preparation which I found dreary. Now, when I look back at it I realise how necessary it was because my technique was still weak due to lack of practice. However, towards the end of my grade 5 preparation, I had a different teacher. Teacher Joanne inspired me to carry on, her technique of teaching had a gentler approach. One of them played very well but did not press on my foundations well, the next teacher was a brilliant and experienced teacher but just could not really inspire me. Teacher Joanne however made me realise I did not really want to stop and so I carried forth with Grade 6 even though I had not done so well for my Grade 5 practical exam. When I started grade 6, I was more into my music, I progressed much faster because I put in more time to practice. Unfortunately, Teacher Joanne had to leave to continue her studies.

Fortunately, my next and current teacher was even more inspiring and motivating. Teacher Soon was inspiring and supportive. I progressed even faster and played well. It was safe to say that I fell in love with my music again. I passed Grade 6 with flying colours, very much more different that my Grade 5 results. Now at grade 7, I finished my examination preparation very early and whilst practicing those pieces, my teacher encourages me to try all sorts of new music. He exposes me to different kinds of music and lets me chose for myself what I want to do and helps me to build up the right technique to combat the piece. He encourages independent learning but at the same time guides me where it is needed.

In short, my experience was one roller coaster, but I am glad for all the inspiring teachers who played a role in my music experience. I was lucky to have been enrolled in a dependable music learning centre since day one. No matter the bumps, the road was always smoothed over in the end.

Polka Dot Train Studio is a great place to learn, the rooms are spacious and the instruments are well maintained and above all they have amazing teachers. We are also always encouraged to attend performances and if possible participate in competitions.

02/03/2017 - 04:39 pm

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Theresa Morgis rates this listing with

My children have been with Siew Ling since my daughter Geena was about 4 years old. When Siew Ling started Polka Dot Train Studio (PDTS) naturally I followed Siew Ling. My child Geena followed the Musikgarten Program with PDTS and subsequently my younger child Alyson too followed into the same program. Both my daughters Geena and Alyson are now 16 and 14 respectively.

Upon completing the Musikgarten program, they each moved to Piano and Violin respectively. You may ask what is unique about PDTS? It’s Siew Ling, she made the difference. She is passionate about music, she loves what she does and it shines through. She gives the students due recognition in organising mini graduations with performances and sometimes a party.

She has ensured that the centre is well equipped, students comfort in their learning space has also been taken into consideration. I like the large room space for the children and through the years she modified her rooms to include a proper stage to allow students to perform and show off their talents in her little mini shows.

PDTS takes pride in selecting highly qualified teachers, some of these teachers also actively perform in concerts. This means, the teachers are not merely there to teach but they also share their passion in music with the children. Certainly, it has not always been perfect with the teachers, there were definitely some bumps here and there but changes were made where necessary sometimes.

My daughters have been exposed to some really lovely teachers. Currently the teachers teaching my daughters have given my girls the opportunity to learn pieces that are not only relevant to their examination pieces but also pieces that has widen their repertoire. Frankly I do not even have to remind my girls to practice at home, the sound of music in my house is not only from my radio but from them.They love their music and I believe it is also because their teachers enthusiasm has rubbed on to them.

Choosing a music school is not an easy task. I have known friends who have changed schools so many times as they were unhappy with the school they had initially chosen. I am thankful that right from the get go I met Siew Ling and as such I did not have to hop to another place.
A music school is just a building; the difference is the people, the administrative people and the teachers.

02/03/2017 - 04:39 pm

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