New Sun Moon Kindergarten - Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

Suite 3-7, Lower Level 3, The Horizon Annexe,
Avenue 7, Bangsar South, No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi Kiri 3,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 59200
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Knowledge to fly, Brilliance to excel, Creative to imagine

Kids are active and enthusiastic learners, busily refining and expanding the skills and knowledge they gained in the childhood years. New Sun Moon provides the curriculum which aims to guide children on this next step as they develop school readiness in all areas of academic learning and social preparedness. Besides, we do stimulate children’s curiosity through the day with weekly or monthly planned activities, paint, craft, story time, music and movement, structural play, imagination play, drama and role play. 

Our students age group

 Mighty Baby Junior :    3 months to 12 months 
 Mighty Baby Senior :   13 months to 24 months 
 Whoopee Toddler :  2 years old
 Little Climber :  3 years old
 Little Explorer :  4 years old
 Little Adventurer :  5 years old
 Little Inventor :  6 years old










New Sun Moon Curriculum

(1) Might Baby, Whoopee Toddler and Little Climber

We are using a Canadian Programme in delivery of the daily activities and lessons to our infants and toddlers. This programme is holistic and focused on optimum periods for learning characteristics in the first three years of life. It emphasizes the development of a child’s emerging physical, sensory-motor, perceptual, cognitive, language and social-emotional skills.

In a safe, organized environment, our children are given a variety of choices for learning experiences that help develop their brain, personality, behaviour and health.


(2) Little Explorer, Little Adventurer and Little Inventor

Children at this age are enthusiastically advancing their development in exciting and challenging ways. They are physically and cognitively able to take on more challenges while still engaged in important foundational learning like friendship building and developing a strong self-concept.


In the weekly-planned activities and lessons, our children are able to involve themselves in the learning of language, communication & literacy in our 3 main languages (English, Malay, Chinese), science and experiments, social and moral development, mathematics and thinking skills, story listening and principles learning, music and movement, sensorial play, drama and role play, life skills, motor skills development, art and craft.



Extra curriculum 

(1) Field Trip / Educational Tour

In every theme, we would take the opportunity to bring the children for a visit, widen their eye spans, enhance their knowledge and experience the real life, as well as to intensify their enthusiasm towards learning !


(2) Inter/Intra- School Competitions

Competitions build confidence and a sense of building amongst the children. Such exposure is beneficial to a children’s development. Competitions not only enhances the competitive spirit among the students but also helps them to learn socialization skills.


(3) Parent-Child Project

Parent’s are their child’s first and most important teachers. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to involve in their child’s learning journey and help them succeed in school.

Different theme will arranged monthly for parents and children to carry out a parent-child activities. After the assigned due date, children will be needed to hand in the report in order to complete the Parent-Child Project successfully.

Through this Parent-Child Project, we hope that the objective of “nurturing the child, supporting the family, strengthening the community” can be reached besides promoting parents-child-relationship.

Editor's Review

New Sun Moon Kindergarten - Bangsar South, Kuala LumpurNew Sun Moon Kindergarten - Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur provides bright beginnings for children 3 months to 6 years old. The curriculum encompasses all the experiences that are vital to nurture early learning and school readiness. READ FULL REVIEW

Other Details

Provide Meals: Yes

Transportation Service: Yes

Centre's Category: Nursery, Kindergarten, Infant Care, Enrichment Class, Before and After School Care

Student Age Group: 3 months - 6 years old

Operating Hours (Monday to Friday): 8:00 am - 7:45 pm

Operating Hours (Saturday): 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Program / Teaching Method: Montessori, Mixed-teaching approach

Language Classes: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese

Medium of Communication: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Chinese

Class size: Depends on the age group

Facilities: Indoor playground, library, science lab, cultural room, infant playroom, music room and sick bay.

Helpful Reviews (2)

Mrs Ng rates this listing with

I must say NSM Bangsar is operate by a team of well-trained child care professionals who are dedicated in taking care of kids. The principal, Ms Aidelle always keep the parents informed on their children’s daily activities, which I find it is very good! Overall, the centre is clean and safe. I am very sure my daughter is in good hand with them.

22/05/2017 - 02:28 pm

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MRS ANANDA rates this listing with

NSM Bangsar South is one of the best childcare establishments that I've come across and much of that is influenced by its Principal and educators. In fact prior to enrolling my son at this kindy, I had checked out several other places, which unfortunately were sold to me like a business. At NSM Bangsar South, Ms.Aidelle's (the Principal) love and care for the children is incredibly apparent - through her quality home-cooked meals to her dedication towards ensuring the children are safe and happy. Ms. Aidelle never fail to show us parents on the children's day to day activities, through photos and videos. And one of the most distinctive feature of this plc is the cleanliness. Ms. Aidelle is a stickler for hygiene - drop by for a visit and you will notice this immediately. I am, til to-date, so glad that my kid is enrolled in a childcare centre that promotes happiness, wellness and most importantly, a safe and caring environment. A quick chat with Ms. Aidelle and you will know this too, no doubt!

22/05/2017 - 10:14 am

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