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2019 3Q 全脑假期营 -《交通工具》 3Q Whole Brain Holiday Camp - Transportation

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29/11/2019 - 20/12/2019

All 3Q MRC Junior/ 3Q MRC Toddler

010-233 8999
Mr. Reich Lim


3Q 全脑假期营 -《交通工具》 3Q全脑假期营是专为年龄介于1岁至6岁的孩子而设,主要专注孩子的左右脑发展,从而提供有趣生动和体验式的学习活动,并采用有趣的教学方法来提高孩子的专注力,记忆力和想象力。 有趣活动包括:

- 音乐与戏剧

- 制作艺术与手工品

- 科学实验

- 烹饪班

- 身体活动

- 逻辑思考

通过参加此假期营能够帮助你的孩子培养团队合作精神,发掘自我潜能及成长,收获纯真的友谊,微发灵感与创意。名额有限,快到距离你最近的 3Q MRC Junior教育中心为孩子报名,开启孩子学习之钥!(现在开始接受报名!)

3Q Whole Brain Holiday Camp - Transportation 3Q Whole Brain Holiday Camp best for children aged 1 to 6, it focus mainly on left-brain and right-brain development by offering hands-on and experiential learning activities, and features entertaining teaching methods to improve children’s skills of concentration, memory and imagination. Fun activities include:

- Music & Drama

- Art & Craft

- Science Experiment

- Cooking Class

- Bodily Activities

- Logical Thinking

Join this camp can help your child develop collaboration skills, discover potential, enhance self-growth, build strong friendship, and inspire creativity. Sign up now at the nearest centre to you to unlock new and fresh learning experience for your child, limited spots available. (Enrol NOW!)