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Tadika Murni, Setia Alam

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Tadika Murni was founded in 1988, with its first branch in Kepong. After an unbroken 28 years of service in the Kepong area, 3 years ago, Mrs. Yeap, its founder and principal, started its second branch in Setia Alam to cater to the needs of a younger generation. The two main objectives of Tadika Murni are character building and reading interest. To cultivate the children’s interest in the three main languages, namely English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin, they emphasize a lot on word cards and reading programmes.


“I would like to bring our unique brand of early childhood education and care to the young families of today. These are very challenging times due to the changing society and the prevailing attitudes of today,” says Mrs. Yeap. Softly she adds, “This is my way of helping my community. This is my way of giving back to society.”


The curriculum at Tadika Murni is specially designed by Mrs. Yeap to adhere closely to the national school syllabus. Various elements are included to further foster character building, such as discipline, class attention and completing homework. All these add up to a strong and unshakable foundation as the children enter the national primary school system.


All classes at Tadika Murni employ a group based learning concept. This concept will have the better students seated at the back, the average students in the middle row and the weakest students seated right in front. This will enable the teachers to observe and guide the weaker children more easily. After a few months of monitoring, there is a noticeable improvement in the weaker children and they are able to cope with the lessons.


Teachers at Tadika Murni adhere strictly to a ‘lesson planner’ provided by Mrs. Yeap herself. “Time is very precious. Thus, class management is vital,” adds Mrs. Yeap. Teachers are briefed on the curriculum and time-table well in advance and there is even a class audit to ensure that all classes are running smoothly and in accordance to the planned schedule and curriculum.


The three main languages are taught daily to avoid the children favouring one language only. There is a strong emphasis on reading programmes such as Chinese Odonata Reading, Ladybird reading series and others. Thematic Approach teaching are activities based and interactive activities go towards improving the children’s communication skills and confidence in learning.


There is never a dull moment for the children because their learning hours are fully utilised. Besides the regular preschool classes, homework guidance classes are also available after school. The year-end concert and graduation ceremony are held alternately with its Sports Day. Weekly Brain Gym programmes are also held to activate the children’s left and right brain cells. Additionally, Tadika Murni also organizes yearly excursions and dental checks for its students.  


After completing preschool at Tadika Murni, he or she will be ready for entrance to primary school. They enter primary school without fear but with confidence as they have acquired the necessary skills for primary school.


“Every child can be encouraged and nurtured. They must be given the opportunities to express themselves and be creative. And we as educators and caregivers, must teach and nurture them from the heart…….”


A true heartfelt pearl of wisdom from the founder and principal of Tadika Murni, Mrs. Yeap.



Tadika Murni - Setia Alam, Selangor

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