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Kidocode, Solaris Mont Kiara

by on 11/05/2017






In this era of cutting edge technology, almost every child knows how to use a smartphone or tablet at an early age. They are constantly using technology today, but very few know how technology works let alone build it. Targeting the demand and trend in this digital world, Kidocode introduces its education program of combining internet technology and programming with games and academic contents to equip young learners with logical and analytical thinking and problem solving ability, at the same time help nurture their creativity. 



Kiddy123 had the chance to pay a visit to Kidocode’s learning centre. It is located at Solaris Mont Kiara and its bright logo at the entrance makes sure you do not mistake them for another office suite. The first thing that attracted our attention was their K-Café right next to the entrance. It is a cozy corner with a big table and shelves of snacks where students may take a break from their computers and have snacks. Next to K-Café was this spacious main area designed like a seminar room where trial classes will be held, including a small waiting area for parents to watch their kids during class. On the other side of the main area was another computer room known as K-Room where all the up and coming young programmers are exploring the digital world with trainers around ready to provide guidance at the request of the students. The atmosphere was rather welcoming and relaxed, almost home-like. Clearly the design of the place emphasizes on providing a comfortable environment for students to learn at ease; we imagined that this is probably how Google’s office would look like if they were to provide training courses to young children.



There are different types of courses offered at Kidocode:


  • Python (Code & Math)
  • Mobile App Development
  • Electronics & Robotics
  • Unplugged Activitiy
  • Game Development
  • Web Development

Children will be able to learn all the fundamentals through Kidocode’s 50 Hours of Code package, which is a foundation level course to provide children basic exposure to each courses before they choose to specialize in one area. This is because all the courses are interconnected. The 50 Hours of Code package consists of 50 hours of personal and online training catered for ages from 6-18 and it comes with a starter kit called the K-Box. A K-Box contains all the materials needed for the course, including a smartphone modified with educational goal, a Raspbery Pi, Arduino Kit, some electronic components and free Kidocode merchandises.


It is their belief at Kidocode that learning computer programming is not just for a school break time or holiday camp, rather looking at it as a long-term plan. With the advanced technology we have today, we are open to wide range of possibilities in the world that you don’t have to be at a certain age to do certain things. Just like a child doesn’t need to wait until he’s grown up to learn coding and programming, they can do it at an early age now at Kidocode. Children are always full of creative ideas but some children may be naturally shy and they do not know how to express themselves. At Kidocode, children are encouraged to think outside of the box, to nurture their passion and creativity, they even provide training for students to create presentations and public speaking (they call it Tech Talk), in order to boost the confidence of the students in front of a crowd. Some older students may be given the opportunity to guide and help younger students, this encourages them to socialize with their peers and also reinforces the knowledge that they have learn by repeating them to another student. Learning would be less boring in this way.


Kidocode distinguishes itself from other computer learning centres by having flexi timing, dynamic and individualized learning paths for the students; it is a self-learning system and the courses follow the learning ability of each child based on the questions and activities they have completed. Trainers are available if children seek for guidance or help. The learning progress of each child will be monitored through an AI (Artificial Intelligence) system, they are counted by the hours when they’re using the system so it requires no fixed schedule / timetable, so this is very convenient for parents and students. KidoCode offers a 4-hour free trial class for any child who wants to have a glimpse of the courses and the system. Parents are strongly recommended to join in during the free trial class to experience programming and coding for themselves. 


Kidocode has a long-term vision for the education of future generations, as children are unique and the one-size-fit-all system of education will no longer work for them. Kidocode is hoping to set up an academy for students to learn computer science full-time with a learning path unique to each student. This sounds like a dream to all of us, where we learn at our own pace in a comfortable learning environment like that of Kidocode. Children now are very different, it’s almost impossible to separate them from their gadgets, it is like the extension of their hands. There’s a saying “if you can’t beat them, join them”, we will have to learn to embrace it and encourage them, who knows your child might be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs!  



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