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By Felicia Yen . 31/12/2018

Fun Things to do with Kids in January 2019

Experience kid friendly activities in the first month of 2019.


By Felicia Yen . 17/12/2018

Ballet for Kids: Best Age To Start, Level Placement, & Benefits

What started out as a classical form of entertainment of the noble courts is now befit for anyone and everyone. Regardless of age, fitness level, body size and gender, anyone can enjoy the beauty of ballet and reap the many benefits that come with it


By Felicia Yen . 30/11/2018

8 Different Genres of Dance for Kids

Read on for a general genre guide to discover which dance style is the most compatible with the personality and interests of your child. On average, most dance academies start offering pre-dance classes to children aged between 3 to 4 years.


By . 01/11/2018

Fun November Activities For Kids & Family

November is the month of Deepavali Festive & School Holidays. That means, there’ll be lots of awesome great deals and happy family time for kids! Read on the list below for a series of can’t-miss activities in November.


By Felicia Yen . 01/10/2018

Alternative Enrichment Classes for Kids

Learning can blossom in all directions with innovative enrichment centres that aim to expand the possibilities to unlock young minds with unique experiences. Read on for our curated list of offbeat enrichment programmes.


By Peter Ng . 05/07/2018

Sensory Integration in Preschools

And the best part about Sensory Integration activities is that they are unbelievably fun. It does not matter if your child has a sensory processing disorder or not, sensory integration activities should be used with any child!


By Adi Farhud . 27/06/2018

Best Piano Classes For Kids around Klang Valley

Most kids at such age are rightfully ready to take learning a musical instrument of their choice seriously. Our little ones, having undergone all possible phases of early music education, have finally chosen one specific instrument to learn.


By Adi Farhud . 23/05/2018

How to Teach Your Kids Abacus

Abacus is a calculating tool that can be used to perform basic mathematics, such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Abacuses are commonly made of various types of hardwoods. Most Malaysians are but users of the Japanese abacus.


By Adi Farhud . 22/05/2018

Trilingual Kids, Good Or Bad

Studies have shown learning or speaking a foreign language apart from one's mother tongue has a lot of cognitive and social benefits.


By Felicia Yen . 16/05/2018

The whole experience is not just fun and games. It is about equipping children with fun resources that encourage self-empowerment, empathy, ethical behaviour, positive values and good citizenship.