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By Irina Myriam . 24/03/2020

COVID-19 has got the whole family staying home, for now. Here are ideas on how to keep kids productive during these uncertain times.


By Miriam Hedija . 26/02/2020

Super Fun School Holiday Programmes This March 2020!

Woo-hoo! It’s March and that means school holidays are just around the corner. Never fret, mum and dad, because Kiddy123 has compiled an out-of-this world list to keep your child happy and entertained throughout March!


By Miriam Hedija . 29/01/2020

Wonderful Activities for Families and Kids in February 2020

Who knew that 2020 would fly by so quickly? It’s already February and love is definitely in the air! Check out Kiddy123’s specially prepared list of can’t-miss activities for the whole family throughout February.


By Miriam Hedija . 27/12/2019

Spectacular Family and Kids Activities in January 2020

Cheers to a new decade! What better way to celebrate 2020 than to usher in the year of the Metal Rat. Check out Kiddy123’s specially curated list for fun and exciting activities that will leave you RAT-tled this Lunar’s New Year!


By Anis Farhanah . 01/12/2019

Merry Activities For A Very Merry Month (December 2019)!

Ho ho ho! Since Santa is coming to town, you better watch out for these exciting activities in this festive season! December is a month full of special days so be prepared to be mesmerised in these merry activities.


By Felicia Yen . 29/11/2019

Out with the Old, In with the New Christmas Traditions

Focus on your favourite traditions or start new rituals that will make you look forward to Christmas each year. Make this your merriest year with one, or all, of these unique ideas.


By Hafizah Aziz . 31/10/2019

The Good Family and Kids’ Activities in November 2019

Thank goodness, November is here, and holidays are just around the corner. Kiddy123 brings family and kids’ activities for you to enjoy in this grateful time. Looking out for further events? Easy, just stay tuned on Kiddy123 Facebook for more!


By Miriam Hedija . 16/10/2019

The Science of Fun: Using Play to Learn

Play is serious business. It’s more than just a chance to have fun but is also seen as a tool for the healthy development for children, especially in toddlers.


By Cindy Fernandez . 09/10/2019

For a Fun-Filled Day, Look No Further Than Traveloka!

Traveloka also offers an easy-peasy way for parents to pick out fun things to do as a family from a plethora of exciting and entertaining choices.




By Hafizah Aziz . 30/09/2019

Unbelievable Family and Kids' Activities in October 2019

It is unbelievable, or should we say un-be-leaf-able that we have come to the 10th month of 2019. Scarily listed just for you to enjoy, Kiddy123 brings you the best activities and treats for family and kids in this spooky season.