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By . 26/03/2013

Discipline vs. Punishment

Punishment controls child’s behavior through pains or unpleasant experiences. It only stops the undesired behavior for a short time, Discipline teaches them self-control, awareness about the benefit of doing right things, and doing things right.


By . 22/03/2013

Develop Healthy Habits By Playing

Playing - through physical activities or games-which is previously perceived to be unproductive to learning, have been shown to assist children in establishing healthy habits and behavior.


By . 20/03/2013

Cultivate Good Eating Habits From Young

There can be plenty of interesting ways to instill good eating habits in your children.


By . 18/03/2013

What to do When Your Child Has a Nightmare?

It is important that you attend to a child who suddenly cries out in the middle of the night as fast as you can.


By . 16/03/2013

Help Your Child Eat Less Sugar Now

An American study has also supported the fact by stating that as many as 1 in 4 children between the ages of 2 to 5 years old are considered overweight or obese!


By . 14/03/2013

How to Talk to Toddlers

Parents are the very first teachers any child will ever have, especially when it comes to learning about new languages or social skills.


By . 13/03/2013

How to Get Fussy Toddlers to Eat More

If your child is suffering from food fatigue, the very first thing every parent must refrain from doing is to over-react.


By . 11/03/2013

How Soon Can Your Kids Learn Maths?

Make learning math a fun process at home in order to allow the children to feel comfortable with mathematical puzzles


By . 21/02/2013

Top 10 Tips Flying with Kids

Flying journey with your little ones should be easier, comfortable, and be a fun experience.


By . 21/02/2013

5 Easy Ways to Save Money for Preschool (And Still Have Fun!)

As the cost of living rises, so does the cost of raising a child.