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By . 09/12/2015

Special Needs Children | Resources in Malaysia

There is increasing hope for our children with special needs as more facilities and resources become available in Malaysia.


By . 07/12/2015

The Importance of Good Gut Health for Your Child

This educational article is brought to you by nutritionist Dr Koh Chu Sing, to raise awareness among moms on better nutrition and well-rounded health among children.


By . 12/11/2015

Results of the Malaysia Early Childhood Care & Education Survey 2015’s recent survey saw a greater emphasis by mums and dads on character building and teaching of moral values rather than on the traditional 3Rs.


By . 05/11/2015

Scary Tales that Our Mums Used to Tell Us: Opportunities for Teaching Our Little One Good Manners

Those scary tales that our mums used to tell us can make wonderful starting points for teaching our child good manners and behaviour.


By . 02/11/2015

Types of Preschool Programs in Malaysia - Part 2

This second part of our article will cover the more recently developed methods and systems, which you may hear during your many site visits to find a suitable kindergarten for your child.


By ShopBack Malaysia . 30/10/2015

Fostering Academic Learning Through Creativity

Early experience in an arts-rich environment, which includes visual arts, dancing, music making, singing and drama, offers broad and playful spaces and imaginations in which children are free to explore, express and respond.


By LetzHop™ Mind Enrichment ... . 27/10/2015

Little Chef in The House with LetzHop™

There are many ways to spend time with our children meaningfully. How about preparing food together? Let’s try to make a simple dish – ABC Sandwich!


By LetzHop™ Mind Enrichment ... . 27/10/2015

Let’s get creative with LetzHop™!

Let’s get creative with LetzHop! Let’s connect with our children and work on this fun project, making an awesome Bird Feeder!


By . 22/10/2015

PISA: What Malaysian Parents Should Know

You thought that a survey on the world’s 15-year olds had nothing to do with you or your little one. Think again, because the data available in PISA’s study may help you to help your child succeed in school and in his/her further education.


By . 13/10/2015

Types of Preschool Programs in Malaysia - Part 1

The debate as to which teaching method is better has gone on for a long time -- not only in Malaysia, but in almost every country where children are given the opportunity to receive education.